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Everyone's hometown has something unique about it. Today I'd like to give you a quick peek at the place I call home: Lincoln, Nebraska.

The cycling community in Lincoln has gained a certain notoriety in recent years. But it’s not just an overnight phenomenon. Generations of cyclists have found Lincoln’s moderate grades, friendly streets and nearby local trails to be perfect for the necessities of daily commuting, as well as the rigors of long recreational and training rides. Whether you like dirt or prefer to pound pavement, if you’re a cyclist in Lincoln, life is good.

Photo credit: Cornbread http://www.cornbreadblog.blogspot.com/

There’s never a shortage of folks to ride with or rides to go on. There are gravel grinders taking off on almost every non-race weekend during the season, and guys like Cornbread, Troy Krause, Aaron Gammell, Matt Wills, Jeff Bonsall, Skip Cronin and Butch Johnson are well-known competitors in gravel grinder races and events throughout the Midwest.

The road, mountain, cyclocross and even fixxie scenes are all thriving here, so it’s not to say that there’s one dominant type of cycling in Lincoln…it’s more that the folks of Lincoln have embraced the bicycle in all its magnificent forms. We’re becoming a bike town and it feels good.

The gravel roads here in Nebraska are where we’re able to find our true adventures. Unlike the singletrack trails in Colorado and other western states where there are huge expanses of public land, most of Nebraska’s land is privately held. Most singletrack trails are confined to specific areas or state parks. As a result, the gravel roads are where we seek out new places.

Looking back 10 or 15 years, I never really thought about why I liked riding gravel so much, but that was it. It was the lure of “I wonder what’s out there?” And being a boy that needed to know, I had to get out there and see first-hand. I still do.

That’s why I love riding bicycles. They allow me to get out and experience things I couldn’t experience any other way. I’m fortunate to live in a time and place, and among people that empower me to be able to explore my boundaries as a cyclist. Hopefully, I can somehow help empower others to make their lives better by adding a little adventure as well.

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Matt Gersib

Matt Gersib

Growing up the son of a wildlife biologist gave me a jump-start on my appreciation for the outdoors and I still count the day I first pedaled a bicycle as one of the best, most empowering days of my life. And while I enjoy the lure of big challenges like TransIowa and the Colorado Trail Race, I want to help cyclists see that great adventures are waiting right outside their doors. Discovery by bicycle is a beautiful thing. Matt Gersib: The Dirtblog http://dirtstories.blogspot.com/


Hollis | March 18th, 2010

Beautiful story. Short, sweet, simple. I’ve always had a place in my heart for Nebraska which I drew out of a hat in fifth grade to do a class presentation on one of the 50 states. Happy riding Matt.

MG | March 18th, 2010

Thanks Hollis. Have some great adventures this season, my friend.


Cornbread | March 18th, 2010

We’re lucky to be able to call Lincoln home.  I sure love this town the and the folks that make it a great place to live and ride.

Eki | March 19th, 2010

I’ve had the pleasure of riding the gravel surrounding the greater Omaha area and it was nice!  Lincoln is great, but I must admit I’ve really only seen the inside of the Husker’s stadium.  Go Big Red!

Good story Matt, looking forward to riding with you soon.

MG | March 20th, 2010

Thanks guys… We’ve got some great adventures coming up together soon!

Have a great weekend,

MG | March 23rd, 2010

Thanks guys… I’m looking forward to the great places we’ll see by bike this season.  It’s gonna’ be fun! 

I just got back from an awesome Moab trip with my friends Pablo and Dave, the owner of Redstone Cyclery in Lyons, CO, and we did a ride Dave’s been dreaming about for more than ten years but hasn’t had the time or the right group to do until this year.

Well, this year it was just Dave and I on Sunday, so we pulled the trigger and got a shuttle from Pablo down to the start of the Behind the Rocks trail, and hit the Behind the Rocks to Pritchett Canyon point-to-point route, which is a big ride involving a lot of super technical terrain.  To say it was good is a massive understatement.  It ROCKED!

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Pat Halderman | April 1st, 2010

Great story!  I love Lincoln, Ne.  I have been here 4+ years and love the cycling.  My place of special joy and magic are the Rails to Trails and the dirt roads.  My Salsa Fargo goes everywhere and is my special bike! Goal, ride all the Rails to Trails in Ne, Iowa and Kansas this year.  Well, hopefully, if I don’t wear out, getting older and slower!
Again love the photo and article.

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