Eric Pollard

Brand Ambassador

What kind of cyclist are you?
I ride for fun. I do not total miles, elevation, or watts. I total my Fun Units. I ride all kinds of bikes and enjoy where they take me and what they teach me. Whether it’s a new trail in a new town, a road that I have never been down, or one that I have ridden many times, the act of pedaling keeps adding to the Fun Units.

How long has cycling been a part of your life? When did it become more than just “riding a bike”?
I learned to ride a bike in my driveway when I was 4. That moment of freedom when I pedaled by myself is when it became more than just riding.

The cycling accomplishment you’re proudest of to date?
Getting people on bikes. That is my greatest accomplishment in cycling.

Favorite place you’ve been on a bike so far?
The Sierra Buttes trail system.

Favorite place to daydream about that you haven’t yet ridden?
South America, I have grand plans to tour through Chile and Argentina.

How do you describe what the bicycle means to you?
Tranquility and freedom.

How will your future as a cyclist unfold? What are the next steps in your evolution?
Continue to plan trips to new places and see places in the ways that can only happen on a bike.

Who inspires you and your riding?
Every person that I see on a bike with a smile on their face.

Favorite Salsa model and why?
The Fargo. Easily one of the most versatile bikes that we make. Trails, dirt roads, paved roads - you can truly ride anywhere on the Fargo. With the ability to put bags and racks pretty much anywhere, it will allow you to bring as little or as much as you want. So get a Fargo and go get lost.

Favorite pre, during, and post ride/race food and bevvies?
Easy Burritos and yellow fizzy beer.

When you’re not cycling…
Skiing and playing with my dogs.

What don’t you leave home without on a ride?
Tool roll, Burrito, and Yellow Fizzy Beer.