Shawn Erdely

Industrial Designer

What kind of cyclist are you?
All-encompassing. Put a bike in front of me, and I will ride it.
How long has cycling been a part of your life? When did it become more than just “riding a bike”?
Ever since I can remember. Growing up watching Dave Mirra in the X-Games and jumping my bike in the backyard. Then watching Lance in the Tour. This was about the time that I bought a road bike and started riding every chance I could get.  
The cycling accomplishment you’re proudest of to date?
Riding from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh in 3 days when I was 14.
Favorite place you’ve been on a bike so far?
Black Hills, SD.
Favorite place to daydream about that you haven’t yet ridden?
Pacific Northwest  
How do you describe what the bicycle means to you?
A vehicle to thrilling and memorable experiences.
How will your future as a cyclist unfold?
I plan on continuing to ride my bike as a way to see new places, meet awesome people, and to create unforgettable memories.  
Who inspires you and your riding?
Right now, I would have to say Ryan Wilson. The places that he is riding are areas where no one else has thought to take a bike. Plus, his photography is killer.
Favorite Salsa model and why?
Could never choose. Each bike was created for a particular experience, and has its own story.
Favorite pre, during, and post ride/race food and bevvies?
Pre: Anything that will sustain me until I can get food again.
During: Twix and Ice tea  
After: Beers and a burger
When you’re not cycling…
Doing the same thing I always do, but in different places. Drinking beer and hanging out with rad people.
What don’t you leave home without on a ride?
A lock. So, I can stop to get beer and food.