Salsa Aluminum Mukluk Bearpaw Fork

Recalled Product: This recall includes all aluminum Salsa Mukluk Bearpaw forks, purchased between September 1, 2013, and November 17, 2014, with the date codes stamped 20130524, 20130710 and 20130826, followed by “CWI2201BAN2” or any aluminum Mukluk Bearpaw fork that has a Salsa compass on the outside of the fork blades (replacement forks have the compass on the inside of the fork blades).

Bearpaw Fork recall

Forks available on complete Mukluk bikes and framesets sold between 09/01/13 and 11/17/14, and as individual aftermarket Bearpaw forks.

Hazard: The fork steerer may bend or break, causing a hazard to the rider. Contact an authorized Salsa dealer to arrange for a free inspection and refund or replacement. For more information, call Quality Bicycle Products at



(Salsa Cycles, a wholly-owned brand of Quality Bicycle Products)

Post until April 15, 2015

* The Consumer Product Safety Commission will monitor the effectiveness of this recall. *