As spec’d on our Vaya road bikes, the Vaya Road Fork is crafted of Salsa Classico CroMoly and has clearance for a 700c x 42mm tire. Low-rider mid-blade bosses accept our Down Under Rack and make mounting panniers easy. The fork features our forward-facing stainless steel fork dropouts and is available in a 26″ wheel size, and two different rakes in 700c wheel size.

  • As spec’d on the Vaya and Vaya Ti road frame
  • 100% Salsa Classico CroMoly
  • 1-1/8″ threadless steerer
  • IS Tab disc caliper mount
  • Clearance for 700c x 42mm tire
  • 26″ wheel size fork is used on 50 and 52cm sizes
  • 26″ wheel size fork has 380mm axle-to-crown
  • 700c wheel size forks are used on 53cm and larger sizes
  • 700c wheel size forks have 405mm axle-to-crown
  • Two rakes available in 700c wheel size fork: 50mm rake recommended for smaller frame sizes (54–57cm), 45mm rake recommended for larger frame sizes (58–60cm)
  • Double eyelet dropout for racks and fenders
  • Fender bosses at the crown
  • Low-rider mid-blades bosses
  • Fender eyelets
  • Black
  • 26″ fork has uncut steerer tube length of 260mm
  • 700c 50mm rake fork has uncut steerer tube length of 300mm, 700c 45mm rake fork has uncut steerer tube length of 350mm
  • 926g with full-length steerer tube for 26″ wheel size fork
  • Approximately 1010g with full-length steerer tube for 700c wheel size forks

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