Salsa Deadbolt Thru-Axles feature the classic-looking Salsa lever and can be adjusted to return to the desired position when properly tightened. Lightweight, easy to use, and secure.

Salsa Deadbolt Thru-Axles fit all current Salsa frames. For other frames, check with the manufacturer for compatibility and other specifications.

Salsa Deadbolt Thru-Axles are available in the following diameters x widths x thread pitches:

12mm x 120mm x 1.5TPI
12mm x 174mm x 1.75TPI
12mm x 174mm x 1.5TPI
12mm x 180mm x 1.75TPI
12mm x 180mm x 1.5TPI
12mm x 188mm x 1.75TPI
12mm x 208mm x 1.5TPI
12mm x 217mm x 1.75TPI
12mm x 229mm x 1.5TPI
15mm x 125mm x 1.5TPI
15mm x 135mm x 1.5TPI
15mm x 198mm x 1.5TPI

Deadbolt 62g for 15 x 125L TP1.5 TL12
Deadbolt 62g for 12 x 174L TP1.5 TL20

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