2016 Dirty Kanza 200—The Dirty Ten: Danielle Musto

This year Salsa is sending the Dirty 13.5 to participate in 2016's Dirty Kanza 200. Danielle Musto is Dirty No. 10.

Salsa Cycles: What is your goal at this year’s DK200?

Danielle Musto: My goal is to cross the finish line with a big smile on my face, knowing that I pushed myself as hard as I could the entire time. That being said, the fatbike division is co-ed, so I'm also hoping to beat all the boys!


SC: What is your biggest fear going into the event?

DM: My biggest fear going into the event is that something will happen during the race prohibiting me to finish, like a horrible mechanical.  


SC: What have you done to prepare, and how are you combating that fear?

DM: Instead of worrying about the "what if's," I'm focusing on things that I can control. I'm training on my fatbike, focusing on nutrition, and dialing in my gear. These are all things that will help ensure that I get to the finish line. 


SC: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Dirty Kanza event?

DM: There is so much that I'm looking forward with the Dirty Kanza. The race is an awesome event, and the course is incredibly beautiful. I can't wait to spend an entire day on my fatbike and soak it all in. 


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Danielle Musto

Danielle Musto

These are a few of my favorite things: Mountain biking, good coffee, good food, and hanging out with my husband, family and adopted greyhound. It really doesn't take much to make me happy. Of course, winning a race every now and then is good too! [url=http://www.daniellemusto.blogspot.com]http://www.daniellemusto.blogspot.com[/url]


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Robert T. | May 30th, 2016

What tires to you plan to run on your fat bike for the Kanza?

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Danielle | May 31st, 2016

I plan on using 45NRTH Husker Du’s!

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Robert T. | May 31st, 2016

Thanks, Danielle.  I hope the race goes well!

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Alexa | June 1st, 2016

Have an awesome day/race beating all the boyz!!:)

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Robert T. | June 2nd, 2016

What tire pressure do you plan to ride for the DK?

Thank you!

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Kyle | June 29th, 2016

I met you at Cannonsburg recently.  Your tree tattoo on your forearm is the coolest tat I have ever seen.  2 questions:  Who did it and would you be willing to take a photo of it so that I can see it up close?


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