2020 Warbird Sneak Peek

Ready for an early look at our upcoming Warbird lineup? We look forward to adding these five builds and colors to the Warbird family.


We expect these bikes in stock in late January 2020. But your local Salsa retailer has access to many of the current Warbird builds and colors right now, so you don’t have to wait if you’re looking to spend the next few months training.

Warbird Carbon GRX 810 Di2 in pink.

Warbird Carbon GRX 810 Di2  

U.S. MSRP $5699

Warbird Carbon GRX 810 in black.

Warbird Carbon GRX 810  

U.S. MSRP $4099

Warbird Carbon GRX 600 in deep blue.

Warbird Carbon GRX 600 

U.S. MSRP $3199

Warbird Carbon Apex 1 in sky blue.

Warbird Carbon Apex 1 in cream.

Warbird Carbon Apex 1 

U.S. MSRP $2599

Warbird Carbon Frameset in black.

Warbird Carbon Frameset remains unchanged for 2020

U.S. MSRP $1999

Looking For A Warbird Now?

Check out our current Warbird lineup now.

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