A Few Chase The Chaise Favorites From The Land Run 100

As we prepare to load up the lounge for the Coast To Coast Gravel Grinder in Michigan, the second event in our Chase The Chaise series, I thought it appropriate to dig into some of the images from the Land Run 100 and talk poses.

Riders of the Coast To Coast 210-mile event, this is your advanced warning. Bring your A-game so we can immortalize your moment while you cross Michigan.

1. Speed Demons - These were the two lead riders at the Land Run 100. With about 20 miles to go, they came upon the Chaise, quickly discussed stopping, we had them in and out of their in 15 seconds like an Indy car crew, and they were off and running. They each got a patch. One of them went on to win. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FAST RIDERS! If they can stop, you can stop!

2. The Warbird Seducer 

3. The Boudoir Bandit

4. The Senior Portrait

5. The Make It Stop

6. The Chaise Squeeze

7. The Sponsored Pro

8. The Horizontal Lap Plank

9. The Psychiatrist's Office

10. The Costanza

To see the full Chase The Chaise gallery from the Land Run 100 event, go to ChaseTheChaise.com. There you can download and share images. Note that you  will be prompted to sign up to receive Salsa email messages. You can unsubscribe at any time, and we never share our email list with anyone. 

Coast To Coast 210-milers, we look forward to seeing you "somewhere" in Michigan. Here's what you are after:

Crushing Gravel With Crushed Velvet...

While we're at it...

11. The Go For Broke

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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

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