A Few Words And A Photo To Start The New Year

The snow cover was complete and a soft, cold crunch accompanied me along the way. There were few tracks in the snow: a meandering mountain tire, a person walking their dog, but mostly unbroken trail. A few geese circled overhead and landed in the nearby lake, undaunted by the snow or icy water. Two young deer, a doe followed closely by a buck, crossed the trail in front of me, more curious than afraid. All along the way I listened to the sounds of tires rolling over snow, ice and leaves.


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Justin White

Justin White

It was in Wyoming that I cut my teeth riding and racing singletrack. Many hours behind the shop counter paid for this habit. At some point along the trail the landscape has become a very integral part of who I am and let me tell you, many evenings and weekends have been heartily consumed in this process. I enjoy learning, painting and drawing, math, science and technology, and being outside on two wheels. And also delicious dark beer. Yum.


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J.Kersting | January 3rd, 2012

Nothing better than the sound of fresh snow crunching under 4-inch tires… Still waiting for a good snowfall in PGH!

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Ginger | January 3rd, 2012

My first day ride was a little different—New Jersey had a nice break from the cold week before—temps in the 50’s and sunshine. I started with the new wind jacket on (Christmas gift) and got too hot immediately, so I ended up in a base layer with mesh t-shirt… perfect way to start the new year!

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Adam Shaleen | January 12th, 2012

Totally looks like a black metal album cover.

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