A First Fatbike Beach Ride

Sometimes it’s nice to take a moment to remember the people that helped get you where you are today. I am very fortunate to have grown up in a family that was always involved in cycling and encouraged me to follow my passions. I like to think that I take advantage of every opportunity I have to spend time on a bike with them, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

This fall, I was given one of these opportunities and I was not going to pass it up. My parents were headed to Duluth, Minnesota to visit my sister, a quick two-hour drive from my house, so I decided that this was the perfect chance to get my dad out on his first fatbike beach ride. Although my dad has put hundreds of miles on a fatbike this would be his first ride on a beach. I am always excited to get someone out doing something new, so I gave him a call and let him know the plan.

I decided to keep things pretty simple and ride right from downtown and hit the stretch of beach separating the Duluth harbor and Lake Superior. After a few quick adjustments to the bikes we were ready to roll. 

The day turned out absolutely perfect and the sand was in great riding condition. It had rained off and on the entire weekend, but the clouds broke on Sunday morning allowing us to ride on a beautiful day. The sand was smoothed out and relatively fast rolling next to the waterline, making for some pretty fun stretches of beach. We did run into a few sections that were very loose and tricky to navigate, and it was in those areas we were both happy to be on fat tires. It was nice to just be able to spend some time on the bike without thinking about technical terrain. The beach allowed us to move freely and to take in our surroundings.

We ended up riding for a few hours before deciding to turn back. I could have spent all day out there, and it has inspired me think about where I am going to ride next. The ride was just what I needed to remind me of how fortunate I am to do what I love, and to spend to time with someone who helped get me there. 

An epic adventure of a ride? Nope. Just a great ride with my dad, and a chance to say 'Thanks'.

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Benton Hunt

Benton Hunt

I have been passionate about bikes since I was old enough to skid the plastic tires on my Big Wheel. I purchased my first mountain bike when I was 13, and I never looked back. I have a healthy respect for all forms of cycling, but most of the time you will find me riding singletrack, often on my Fargo.


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Donnie Collins | November 22nd, 2013

That’s great Benton. Looks like so much fun. I have not ridden on a beach yet and I’m inspired to get out next summer and just roll along a beach.


Benton | November 22nd, 2013

Thanks Donnie! it was a good day, and a ride I know I will do again.  I hope you take the time to find some shoreline next year and get out there.

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