Active Working Mom: Reality Strikes

That moment when you realize your next gravel ride is quite possibly going to be a combination of the two hardest events you’ve ever ridden: DK200 (any year) meets cold, rainy (snowy?) 2017 Land Run 100, “the cold year.” That “oh, bleep” moment. “What did I get myself into?”

When Salsa invited me to attempt all five Chase the Chaise rides this gravel season, I couldn’t very well say “no”; after all, the challenge scratches my competitive itch, and the rides are a perfect excuse to truly maintain my conditioning long enough for (hopefully) my body to get used to this level of wellness and make it stick post the birth of my fourth child, Sebastian.

Snowy Journeyman: 9 degrees in Minnesota on April 5th...

But admittedly, when I agreed to this prior to run-riding the Land Run Double, I hadn’t looked into what exactly that meant. Coast to Coast, so that must be a peninsula of Michigan, right? Wrong.

Just a few sections of the Coast To Coast Gravel Grinder that I look forward to experiencing...

In some ways, I still haven’t really dug into what it means. The sticker shock of this next gravel grinder makes me tempted to look further ahead, but I have a feeling I’ll enjoy each experience (and likely increase my chances of success) if I just take each event one at a time, and focus my positive energies and trainings at what is next at hand despite some cold days atop Journeyman (even in April). So Le Grand du Nord, DK200, and Jay P’s Gravel Pursuit, I look forward to meeting you later. Right now, I’m dancing with the ides of May, 210 miles of Michigan fast gravel, sandy fire roads, and wooded double-track.


For her Coast To Coast Gravel Grinder ride, Laura will be riding her Salsa Cutthroat Rival 1 bike, and utilizing our EXP Series Toptube Bag. Click on either image for more information...


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Laura Haraldson

Laura Haraldson

Running and mountain biking with her dogs in the great outdoors—rain or shine, winter or summer—are two of the things you’ll find me doing when I’m not gathering inspiration from my daughters, Ella, Cora and Lili. I have a recent fascination with wellness topics that include circuit training, TRX, HIIT and any other fitness acronym of the day—a simmering-beneath-the-surface competitive edge means I’m willing to try any form of exercise once. Helping my husband Scott’s wedding and lifestyle photography biz offers a bit of creative balance to my everyday routine.


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