Adventure At Your Doorstep

Adventure At Your Doorstep

Many of us turn to our bikes when things get tough; they’re the best stress-relievers we know of. But bikes (and the people who ride them) need bike shops. They provide repair services, spare parts, advice, and contribute to the communities we live in.

But bike shops need us, too—now more than ever. In these uncertain times, we’ve seen so many shops step up and adapt as much as they can. Some shops are open by appointment only; some are helping riders solve problems over the phone; some are holding virtual repair classes; some have had to close their doors for the safety of their communities. All of these shops are doing the right thing based on their situations. But the reality is that it’s more difficult for shop owners to keep their businesses alive when people aren’t coming through the doors.

In light of this, we want to make it easier to support your local bike shop without leaving your living room. Effective immediately, Salsa retailers are able to sell Salsa bikes and frames online or over the phone and ship them right to your door. You stay healthy, bike shops stay healthy. Everyone wins.

If you’re not familiar with your local Salsa retailer, you can find them on our Dealers page. Each bike model page on will also show you the nearest Salsa retailer with stock of that model. Just visit that shop’s website to browse and buy or contact them if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Your local Salsa retailer will look over each bike and pre-tune the brakes, shifting, and other components before boxing it up and shipping it straight to you. 

Someday this will be over and we’ll all go for rides with our friends and stop at cafés and high-five each other. But until then, all we can do is take care of ourselves, look forward to that day, and prepare for it. And that’s the perfect reason to support your local bike shop while they need it the most.

PLEASE NOTE: Service available to residents of the United States and Canada

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Harrison Maddox

Harrison Maddox

I’m a jack-of-all, master-of-none sort when it comes to the outdoors. Riding, climbing, paddling, skiing or hiking—everything has its own appeal. All that matters are the effort and the solitude. I’m not competitive but I enjoy a good challenge, and I’ll say “yes” to anything that puts me in over my head or involves type 2 fun, as that’s where life’s spicier moments seem to live.


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