Alaska, June 2013

Today's Guest Blogger is Errin Vasquez, winner of our Reveal Your Path Video Contest. -Kid

This past June seems in some ways like it was a long time ago. But I find myself thinking about it every day. How to get back? Gettin’ back is the thing.

Just over a year ago I entered Salsa’s Reveal Your Path Video Contest and things lined up. Rode my bike. Made a video and crossed my fingers. I’d been planning a trip to Alaska for over ten years. Spent time reading the Milepost, looking at maps and campgrounds. But life, responsibilities and all that kept pushing Alaska to the backburner. It was looking like I’d be one of those people that would have to wait until retirement to live. I didn’t want that. No one wants that! Contest entered and holy crap, I won! Un#$%&believable!

For a long time I couldn’t look at the pictures. One reason is that I took a ton. Everywhere I looked it was picturesque. It was tough to put the camera away and turn down those opportunities. I knew it was going to be a lot of work to sift through all those images. The second reason was more difficult. I just wanted to let it soak in. That place…damn…that place. It was amazing and none of my pictures can do it justice. Trying to tell you about it won’t do it justice. You need to experience if for yourself.

If you can’t tell by now, Alaska hit me hard. It met all of my expectations and then some. Alaska is my kind of place.

We rode south for three days and spent two nights camping on the beach. Our pace was dictated by the ever-changing sand and huge tidal swings. This sometimes meant fast pedalin’ only got you to a river crossing too early. No big. Pull out the mats, start a fire, and host an instant hang session on the beach. For how long? Until the tide goes out, just enjoy it! Nowhere to be and nowhere I’d rather be. Best naps I’ve ever had.

The constant light meant we literally had all day to do ride, but we never really needed it. This tour was about riding with friends and sharing the experience. There is something about bikes that brings good people together, and this was one for the books; an experience I’ll always look back at as a life changer. I can’t thank the people of Salsa enough for this trip. Truly.

See Errin's contest-winning video below...

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Pat Irwin | December 24th, 2013

Well said Errin, Alaska still has that effect on me after many years. And it was a pleasure to ride with you so come on back any time!


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