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Only a few days out now from leaving for my Surrounding Water trip circumnavigating Lake Superior by bike with my banjo and guitar on the rear rack. Editing the pack list. Laying in bed thinking about the new roads, views, trees and friends to come. Begins to paint a picture for the impact this trip is bound to have on me. What new stones I’ll carry back. Which ones I’ll toss in the lake.


The vision for Surrounding Water is to raise awareness about fresh water using song and poetry to engage audiences in considering new stories for how we view the Great Lakes and their surrounding resources.

I’ll be making 13 stops to perform and read along my route of about 1400 miles. I’ll take 16 days of riding to do the trip. All of the events on this tour are free. 

Please help spread the word if you know folks along the route. Click on the poster image below for a full-size PDF that can be printed out and posted to help promote Surrounding Water.

Thank you so much to all those who have been helping me make this trip a reality.

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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt. Or snow. If I was born a hundred years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience. Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you let them. Give me a backpack and let me go.


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Tim Ek | July 11th, 2015

Great meeting and hosting you Ben. Can’t wait to ride with you and see your show back in Duluth. Enjoy every mile.

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mark willmore | July 27th, 2015

hi ben how did the tour go?

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