Best Of The Chaise: 2019 Gravel MOB

California in November always sounds pretty good as the winter season approaches in Minnesota. With the Chaise riding shotgun, we had plenty of time to chat while we admired the ever-changing landscape of this blessed nation.

Blustery winds and temperatures in the 30's cooled off even further heading across Iowa and Nebraska, with no shortage of cars, trucks, and semis in the ditch as a further reminder of the pending seasonal weather changes.

Things started to warm up in Colorado and Utah, and it was back to t-shirt weather by Nevada and into California.

Both the Chaise and I were stoked when we were finally able to disembark and stretch our legs in the Hollywood hills.

After a couple years of sponsoring the event, it was a a real treat to get a firsthand look at the Gravel MOB event, held in the hills surrounding Ojai, California.

For those considering taking on this event in the future, here is my unsolicited advice:

-Bring your climbing legs. Steep grades and some truly long climbs await.

-Consider using a dropper post. What goes up must come down...and the downs included some pretty rugged Jeep road with up to a 14 percent grade.

-Increase your descending confidence with a 29er tire...perhaps a Salsa Cutthroat might be an ideal ride?

With that, here are my Chase The Chaise favorites from the 2019 Gravel MOB event. Our thanks to The MOB Shop and Peloton magazine for putting on the event.

In no particular order...

Rider sitting on the chaise with his bike.

With a cool breeze blowing up dust devils and warm sun warming our bodies, the view of Ventura's surf break and some island life had me thinking... Aloha, Mr Hand


Rider standing with her bike in front of the chaise.

As one should expect, we are always hoping that everyone will stop for a moment at the Chaise, and to be clear most do. Our Formula 1 chaise pit crew spits 'em in as fast as needed, and we're always stoked for the stoppage, even if coming in hot with a foot down. Bonus Points For The Smile


Rider sitting on the chaise.

Take a step back in time...your mom handed you your lunch and gave you a quick hug as the tears welled up in your eyes. It was afterall, your... First Day Riding The School Bus


Rider laying back with one leg up on the chaise.

As the Chaise approaches the 10,000 Lycra-clad and 2 entirely unclad butt mark, this fellow was... Soaking It All In


Rider doing a wheelie in front of the chaise.

As this fellow approached the Chaise, he pulled into about a 75 yard wheelie, rolled by, then popped another one for most of the slight climb that followed. To be clear, he is... Wheelie Talented


Rider posing on the chaise with one bib strap off his shoulder.

Good comedy knows no boundaries, hence... West Coast Costanza

Our thanks to all who stopped for their Chaise portrait. See all the portraits from the 2019 Gravel MOB and previous events by visiting


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