Chase The Chaise - Best of Coast To Coast Gallery

Riders of the Le Grand Du Nord, we look forward to seeing you this weekend somewhere in the woods for your Chase The Chaise portraits. Here is what you are going after:

At the Coast To Coast gravel grinder, it became clear that many riders had put a bit more time into planning their portrait pose. Think ahead and maximize your moment under the bright lights!

That said, here is a quick look at some of my favorites from the Coast To Coast.

1. The Backflip

2. The High Hurdle Kiss Blower

3. Lumberjack Victory

4. Smooch The Pooch

5. Mother's Day Love (NOTE: stay tuned for a new date for next year's Coast To Coast that clears Mother's Day Weekend!)

6. Driving With A Giant Steering Wheel

7. The Triple Stack

8. Free Hugs

9. Peek-A-Boo I See You

10. Warbird Proposal - FYI She Sald Yes

11. Fargo Proposal - FYI She Said Yes Too!

12. Match The Frame Geometry

13. Synchronized Leaning

14. Living The Team Dream

15. Swipe Right

And we can't end without a couple Coast To Coast gravel grinder Costanza's...

A special shout-out to our own Laura Haraldson #activeworkingmom who is riding ALL of the Chase The Chaise events, and whose husband, Scott, is the photographer for our Chase The Chaise series. Thanks for the hard work, Scott. 

See the entire Coast To Coast Chaise The Chaise gallery by clicking here...

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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

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