Chase The Chaise 2018 Unbound Gravel - 30 That Work

Please note: This blog post has been updated to reflect current event names.


The 2018 Unbound Gravel 200 dished out everything you can expect from the classic gravel event; a stormy start, incredible speed at the front, incredible perseverence toward the rear, furnace-like heat, unrelenting wind, and a few good sections of unridable mud.

It also dished out the Salsa Chase The Chaise lounge at an intersection about 26 miles from the finish line.

As I like to say, "If you can make it to The Chaise, you can make it to the finish line."

There, members of the Salsa Crew, did our best to raise spirits, share a laugh, give a few words of encouragement, to all who posed for the camera of our Chase The Chaise Photographer, Scott Haraldson.

We saw all sorts of things; on-the-Chaise cramping, props, complicated contortions, legendary pros stopping for their photo, and more. 

Here are 30 of my favorite Chase The Chaise portraits from the 2018 Unbound Gravel. My only thoughts as to these 30 images is that they just work. The light, the colors, the poses, the smiles. In this batch of 30, I think good photo stuff comes together.

My thanks to all of you who stopped for your portraits. It was a privilege to share a few minutes with you while you chased down the finish line.

The last Chaise stop of 2018 JayP's Gravel Pursuit in Island Park, Idaho. I look forward to meeting more of the gravel family there.

Thank you so much for the t-shirt, ladies! 

The 2018 Salsa Cycles Chase The Chaise Crew; Jade Ptacek, Ethan Frey, myself, Kelly MacWilliams, Scott Haraldson, and Zach Fink...


And be sure to check out the full Chase The Chaise galleries from here.

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