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For the month of December and into January, we’d like to share some of the Salsa Crew's and our sponsored riders' favorite moments from 2015. By all accounts, it's been a great year!


In 2015, my wife and I had the privilege of watching our 3-year-old start pedaling a bicycle! It wasn’t long before he propelled himself down our cul-de-sac, ready to hit the trails like we had done so many times before on his Strider.  He’s since turned 4, and there is no stopping the contagious excitement he has for riding bikes. 

First trail trials ...

One of my favorite moments happened this fall. During this temperate and dry Minnesota autumn, the trees were turning beautiful hues of red and purple. The trail seemed to shine like a ribbon of dirt that could lead us to something even more beautiful. We have a short 3- to 4-mile ride that wanders through neighborhoods, a city park (with a few small dirt jumps that we have to ride over every time we pass by), and an elementary school yard that delivers us to the trailhead. The trail is only a 5-mile long system made of two connected loops. However, to him, that 5 miles seems like a journey to the far end of the world and back. 

Feet-off-the-pedals enthusiasm ...

This ride struck me, because it was a reminder of why we all ride bikes. Freedom is a word often tossed around with many different definitions dependent on who you’re talking to. But the freedom we all understand rings true for me here. The feet-off-the-pedals kind, as the bike pushes you through many different emotions, all in a short 5-mile trail. The excitement of conquering the root that sticks out across the trail that looks as if it will grab your wheel and toss you to the ground.  Apprehension about making it up the hill that looks like it will never end.  Joy from being with the ones you love.  Appreciation for the work put in and the reward you receive. Truly, a ride for the books!

Beargrease: Here is to 2016 and many more rides to come ...

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Justin Julian (Red)

Justin Julian (Red)

I am lucky enough to be the General Manager of Salsa Cycles. I hail from central Missouri where the hills hide some of the most fascinating treasures. Moonshine being one of them, great singletrack being the second. Bikes have been an important part of my life from the ripe ol’ age of 3. I have raced, rode, crashed and enjoyed motorcycles for going on 34 years now. The bicycle has been a critical part of my motorcycle career (loosely used) in terms of training, enjoyment, rehab, and escape from the day to day. Both of these two-wheeled contraptions are the reason I exist. They are very much part of my life and being. Cycling and motorsports are also a strength and bond that connects my wife and two boys. Live to ride, ride to live!


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David | December 9th, 2015

I believe in the comment about the bicycle being freedom. I still feel that way everytime I go for a ride. Freedom to explore at a slower pace and see the area around you that you miss when you are going 45 mph in a enclosed car.

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Kenn | December 12th, 2015

I remember the day my dad removed the training wheels from my bike, the amazing feelings that followed. Years later my parents purchased a mini-bike for me at age 10, it opened up a door to motorized mania that exists today. Living a life behind bars was mostly motorized till about 2000, since coming full circle back to bicycling I have enriched my life beyond measure. I spend little time with things I’m not passionate about. About 4 years ago I found Salsa and have since built a Squadron of Salsa bikes for any terrain for any time of year to match my thirst and passion for adventure. You can purchase a good bike in many places, when you buy into Salsa you purchase a culture, a kindred spirit, a lifestyle and much more. This company has won my heart and support because it beats with mine. I live for two wheels as well, always have, always will. Whenever I’m riding I never feel as old as I am, perhaps it’s because the older I get, the more I ride my bikes and the stronger I am becoming! At 57 I have to balance my passion with common sense or I become a victim of my own nature, a few crashes. I’m truly starting to live the dream, I’m hoping the journey will last a long time!

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