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For the month of December and into January, we’d like to share some of the Salsa Crew's and our sponsored riders' favorite moments from 2015. By all accounts, it's been a great year!


My favorite riding memory from 2015 was introducing my son to bikes. Even though he was barely older than 1 at the time, we got him a balance bike last Christmas with hopes that he would be ready for it by summer. Once spring came around, he took to it like a natural. By summer, he was cruising up and down our alleyway, and by fall, he was full on lifting his feet and shredding. Hearing his screams and whoops were the best.

Never too young to ride ...

He also spent a lot of time riding in the Wee-Hoo trailer behind my Vaya. He loved this. We would do long rides and have toddler size adventures. Stopping at parks and kiddie pools, having snacks, playing with sticks, chasing ducks: all standard 2-year-old stuff. Seeing the world through his lens in 2015 reinvigorated my sense of adventure and left me pumped for what 2016 will bring.

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Thomas Scherber

Thomas Scherber

I’m the buyer for Salsa and when I’m not staring at spreadsheets, I like to ride bikes, any kind, anywhere. I like to take the road or trail that I have never been down and see where it goes. The band would like to thank: Katy, Bram, Lake Superior, Duluth, craft beer, Low, potatoes, Minnesota, cheap Mexican beer, The Marshall Islands, Gin, Jack Kerouac, The Big Lebowski, Semsational, avocadoes, Copper Harbor, Ernest Hemingway, the outdoors, and The Netherlands.


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Bruce V | January 7th, 2016

Dude, you said Copper Harbor. I rode there during an epic road trip this summer, that place is off the chain. Keweenaw! Love the U.P. A seriously undervalued place.

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