Desert Ramble

Bring ten guys together, loaded down with food, water, beer, whiskey, cameras, and most importantly, fatbikes, and what you have is a good ol’ fashioned Ramble. In this case, a Desert Ramble.

Instigated by Jason, aka Gnat, we all descended on Fruita, Colorado in hopes of running the famed Kopokelli for a weeklong bikepacking trip. The plan was to do a figure-eight loop, leaving Fruita, working along the trail to Moab, and then after a day of rest, turn around and do the route backwards with only some minor deviations.

As with all good trips, flexibility is key. With the weather conspiring against us and ten photographers vying for images, our plans quickly deviated from reality. Instead of the big look, we spent three days on the trail, and then rode the highway into Moab. With a night of beer and pizza in our bellies, we spent the next day riding Porcupine Rim – a trail best ridden on a full-suspension bike. The climb past slickrock was nothing short of amazing, only to be bested by the stunning views at the top and the white knuckle descent back into town.

Another night of beer and pizza would inspire us to reload the fatties and head out through the canyon in search of the Kane Creek trail. Created by ATV’s and motobikes, this was finally the type of trail that our four and five-inch tire steeds were built to conquer. Hardpack dirt, thick sand, and constant river crossings would be the order of the day.

A pristine camp spot along the creek, nestled between the canyon walls, offered up the perfect spot for a communal fire, some nice whiskey, a few river-chilled beers, and the most beautiful moonrise I had ever seen. All of the difficulty of the first several days of muddy hike-a-bikes was now washed away with stories, laughter and the bonding that can only come from mutual experience. Yes, life on fatbikes is very, very good.

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Glenn Charles

Glenn Charles

Glenn Charles spent his first 40 years living what he thought was the American Dream; he now says he’s living life. Traveling by bike and kayak, he finds new ways to explore the world, meet new people and grow as a person. As he travels 50,000+ miles by human power, he hopes to inspire others to reconnect with nature and lead simpler, happier lives.


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Jim C | November 24th, 2014

Good times, indeed.  I was most fortunate to be invited on this adventure.  Glen, it was great to meet you and to ride with you… as it was each of the members of this group.  Let’s do it all again real soon!!!

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AJ Van | November 24th, 2014

Having been able to witness the formation of, preparations for, and deployment of this trip has been thoroughly inspiring. FatBikes and cameras have been sewn into my future thanks to one of the guys on this trip and I feel like I got to be a part of it, which I am immensely thankful for. Thanks for making this trip public and extremely well documented!  These trips need to be available to more people! It goes to show that riding bikes isn’t always about being fast or clearing the biggest gaps, but more so about the spawning of friendships and soul searching whether in town or in the desert somewhere between Colorado and Utah!

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