Dirty Kanza 200 - The Dirty Nine: Jay & Tracey Petervary

This year Salsa is sending the Dirty Nine down to the 2015 Dirty Kanza 200. Jay 'JayP' Petervary is Dirty Four and Tracey "T-race' Petervary is Dirty Five.  -Kid

Jay ‘JayP’ Petervary aka Dirty Four:

As they say, the third time's the charm. And a charm it will be doing the Dirty Kanza 200 on a tandem with my lady, Tracey aka T-race. We don’t do it enough, but Tracey and I really enjoy riding tandem. We have logged thousands of miles on a dually, including a full Tour Divide, and over the years I have commented on what a great tandem course DK is. It’s really ideal, as the rolling hills are just big enough that the speed coming down one can get you to the top of the next roller, and the exposed, long, open roads are, well, just that. This is the type of terrain a tandem can shine on as long as we are shining, too.

I anticipate being at the pointy end as we roll out from downtown Emporia, for a little while anyway, but the question will be “For how long?” I also anticipate some tire suckers that we will try to shake out, wear down, by keeping a strong pace. The talent of this event is increasing every year so shedding wheelsuckers will not be easy, but I look forward to the challenge!

My first goal of this event is to finish and have a memorable time with my stoker. When both Tracey and I are in sync, both mentally and physically, it's amazing how we become one. If we are moving along like the poetry we can be, I don’t see how we can’t stay at the pointy end of the pack for all of the 200 miles. Who knows though, as this isn’t just racing…it is racing in the Flint Hills of Kansas!

I do have a bigger focus beyond DK, i.e. the Tour Divide less than two weeks later, so my personal training recently has probably included more rest than actual riding. This is a result from the event-filled year I have had already as I try to balance fitness with rest and not get burnt out. Logging over 2000 racing miles at the Iditarod Trail Invitational and Arizona Trail Race 750, plus training miles, since January has been training enough for me.

We will be straddling the Powderkeg, Salsa’s new tandem. Honestly, we haven't spent much time on it yet, but we both noticed immediately how comfortable it is -- steel is real! The bike will be a stock build other than a few minor, personal changes. We will use our go-to saddles, make a tire swap, add some aero bars to the front and Tracey is currently trying some drop bars (this ultimately might depend on what I eat the night before as her head gets a little close in the drop bars...tandem humor!). I don’t think we will use all nine water bottle cage mounts, but we will use five or six along with a couple of toptube bags and a seat bag to hold our rations and repair supplies.

I look forward to sharing this experience with Tracey along with being surrounded by many like-minded, passionate individuals and the truly excellent hosts of Emporia. Surviving 200 miles in the Flint Hills is something to celebrate, and I plan to be cracking a beer at that finish line celebrating with everyone!

Tracey ‘T-race’ Petervary aka Dirty Five:

My personal goals for this event are to finish, have a great time, stay on the bike and be the best stoker I can be! I am not sure there are many people willing to jump on the back of a tandem with JayP as the captain. I am feeling a bit nervous about how intense and fast this race is going to be, but I trust JayP will use his experience and knowledge and the ride will be awesome.

My training for DK consisted of riding as much as I could along with CrossFit, which increases my strength. I continue to prepare mentally by imagining myself during the race and thinking of the challenges I will have to deal with, such as breathing, staying calm and remembering to eat and drink. We have many miles of experience riding tandem, so once the race starts I am confident it will all fall into place.

JayP and I are riding the Powderkeg. We are still dialing it in as JayP mentioned, but the few rides we have done on it were very comfortable. I plan on using drop bars to help with aerodynamics and a toptube bag for food. Overall the setup is simple.

I am stoked to be the stoker! I look forward to a wicked fast and fun race with my man and captain, JayP, as well as sharing this great adventure, The Dirty Kanza, with many like-minded cyclists and friends! See you in Emporia!


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Jay Petervary

Jay Petervary

"I do not train,” Jay Petervary says. “I ride my bike a lot because I love to!" Jay first discovered cycling post-college, but was immediately prepping for a 500km multi-sport event. He’s logged many races in 18 years, everything from cross-country mountain bike to a cross-the-country time trial. Nowadays he rides for adventure, the longer the better.


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chach | May 21st, 2015


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Bill H | May 22nd, 2015

Best of luck! I’m not sure that me and my Special Lady Friend would survive a tandem ride of this magnitude. Go Dirty 9!!!

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James Bell | January 28th, 2016

Jay, what height are you and your stoker and what size Powderkeg do you ride?  We’re between sizes and trying to make a decision on what size to go for.

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