2015 Unbound Gravel 200 - Rider 7: Sean ‘Mailman’ Mailen

Please note: This blog post has been updated to reflect current event names.


This year Salsa is sending 9 riders down to the 2015 Unbound Gravel 200. Salsa Product Design Engineer Sean 'Mailman' Mailen is rider 7.

Unbound Gravel  is a special event; I have family from the area and promoter Jim Cummins and company do such a stellar job! 

I’m really excited to return this year, especially since I’ll get to ride the brand new Warbird Carbon that I designed. I’ve been able to put lots of miles on it since last summer and have done several gravel races aboard it. She’s still showing plenty of Almanzo dirt from last weekend, so I might actually have to clean it before the start of Unbound. It’s been a great race rig so far (yes, I am slightly biased) and I’m really happy with the new level of comfort the bike delivers. 

The three cages on the frame have come in handy a couple times, plus I had Andrew over at Bedrock Bags make a custom bag for the frame. I can use it in a variety of ways but typically I like sticking two water bottles inside for long unsupported races.  The side mesh pocket gives me a spot to stick food, and I likely won’t use a toptube bag this year. 

I’m also forgoing the aero bars; I tried it for several years and even found them useful at times, but I just got sick of all the cockpit clutter…aero bars, cue sheet holder, GPS, toptube bag, etc. 

I have a cue sheet similar to my coworker Joe Meiser and our sponsored rider Andrea Cohen; I worked on several variations this winter and like this edition the best so far.    

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my racing this year and I should come into Unbound with a solid fitness level. I believe I have the fitness and equipment for a top five performance, but you never know what surprises this event will have in store for you. As Mike Tyson said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” and Unbound can definitely punch you in the mouth. My foundational goal is always to finish, enjoy the good parts, and suffer well through the hard parts. It’d be great to be able to stick the wheel of the Petervary’s Powderkeg tandem – those tandems can really fly! 

Wish me well. I can’t wait to see what the day has in store, and to start the wheels rolling on another 200-mile gravel ride.


One: Steve Yore

Two: Tim Ek

Three: Andrea Cohen

Four and Five: Jay & Tracey Petervary

Six: Brian Hanson


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Sean 'Mailman' Mailen

Sean 'Mailman' Mailen

I was born and raised in the hills of Tennessee. I decided in high school I wanted to design the best bikes and parts possible; I’ve been following my dream ever since. I love about every possible mode of cycling, mountain biking is the most fun, but if I’m on two wheels I’m happy.


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JayP | May 23rd, 2015

Sean, you are more then welcome to sit on our wheel and I don’t welcome everyone.
I wish you an excellent race and look forward to geeking out on product with you.

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Bill H | May 23rd, 2015

Best of luck to the fastest mailman around!

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Brian | May 23rd, 2015

Looks like the Angry Catfish mural in the photos. Awesome shop, on my third Salsa from them.

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