Discovering The Secret To Racing Year Round

My Beargrease fatbike has enabled me to train outside on most days this winter. It’s also enabled me to race year round. This winter I’ve already raced seven winter fat bike races and if you look at my race calendar you will see that there is no stopping any time soon. By the time all is said and done I’ll have competed in 12-13 winter races. That’s a lot of races in a very short time period, especially when you throw in the stressors that accompany travelling in the winter. My Ford Fiesta does have winter tires, but there have been a few,scary, sliding-on-ice incidents while traveling to races that have scared the heck out of me.

One of the most frequent questions I was asked at the beginning of the winter season was how I would be able to race all year long without needing a break. “Winter racing is so much fun it doesn’t seem like racing,” was my reply.

That was a few months ago and since then I’ve realized something: Winter racing might be cold, but the potential for becoming burned is still there. Such is the case with me. I got so wrapped-up in chasing down Great Lakes Fat Bike Series points and the need to feel good at every race, that I started losing sight of what makes fatbiking so much fun in the first place. I was avoiding riding off the beaten track because I was trying to stick to a training plan. I missed out on some pretty great rides with friends because I had intervals scheduled. And, worst of all, I turned around when I wanted to keep going.

Personally, I've learned that the secret to racing year round is that I need a little more balance and a little less "training."

That means for me that I need days where I just play in the snow.  For every structured day I need another day where I can just go out and ride as long as I want or check out a trail or route that I otherwise wouldn't have gone down because of "training mode." It is time to put away the indoor trainer while we still have snow on the ground!  That’s what I’m planning for the rest of winter. More adventure and less structured training. More riding in the snow, more exploring, and more riding over snow banks and through ungroomed powder! I still plan on racing my heart out..but instead of chasing series points, I plan on chasing winter. The snow this year is too good not to!

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Danielle Musto

Danielle Musto

These are a few of my favorite things: Mountain biking, good coffee, good food, and hanging out with my husband, family and adopted greyhound. It really doesn't take much to make me happy. Of course, winning a race every now and then is good too! [url=][/url]


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average dude | February 6th, 2014

Riding bike in winter is something few average folks seem to appreciate By riding/racing year-round one can embrace our climate rather than shun it and wait for the snow to melt. I applaud your spirit and can’t help but feel envy when you say you can just go out and ride as long as I want. For those of us who can’t, cycling is a component for happiness that is savored in brief episodes as we balance family, interests and work. We too, embrace the snow. Thanks for sharing.

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Doug | February 7th, 2014

I couldn’t have put the need for (and benefits of) balance any better. Helps remind us why we got onto bikes in the first place, and helps in may ways. Bravo!

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