Unbound Gravel 200 2014: Rider Five - Jay Petervary

Please note: This blog post has been updated to reflect this event’s current name.

I learned a lot at last year's Unbound Gravel, had a blast, and was very satisfied with my performance as well as my result. So, as the saying goes: "if it’s not broke, don't fix it!" I will be straddling the same Salsa Fargo Ti as I did last year with a few small changes. I installed the new Regulator Ti Seatpost to help take the edge off over the long day, as well as the new Firestarter Carbon Fork to keep things precise on the front end. Tires for this event seem to be the never-ending discussion and this year I will run the WTB All Terrains. Thinking back to last year, I think I carried to much ‘stuff’ considering we hit aid stations every three hours, so I will keep the bike fairly naked with no accessory bags. I will rely more so on the aid stations and just use my jersey pockets to put stuff in.

My goals for this event are simple: ride strong, ride smart, stay with the lead pack for as long as possible, and let it all unfold throughout the long day. Over the course of 200 miles too many things can happen. I'm mean really...anything can happen! I know my strengths, but I also know others have theirs. As I am kind of just bouncing back from a deep recovery from the AZT and monitoring myself for another upcoming bikepacking event, this will give me a clear idea of where my body is at physically. I have no expectations of ‘placement’ as I am still confused how I ended up second last year after getting a flat at mile 70, being dropped by the lead group, and riding the rest of the day into the wind mostly on my own!

To say the least, I am looking forward to another Unbound Gravel experience!

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Jay Petervary

Jay Petervary

"I do not train,” Jay Petervary says. “I ride my bike a lot because I love to!" Jay first discovered cycling post-college, but was immediately prepping for a 500km multi-sport event. He’s logged many races in 18 years, everything from cross-country mountain bike to a cross-the-country time trial. Nowadays he rides for adventure, the longer the better.


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Joe & Tina South Dakota. | May 29th, 2014

Thanks again Jp for share..  I always enjoy things from your perspective..

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