Dreaming & Scheming

There’s something about sitting around a fire under the stars, have a few brews, sleeping in a tent on a lumpy, thin, foam pad, waking up to the sunrise, riding yourself into the ground, and then repeating that is quite invigorating. Maybe it’s all the fresh air?

For myself, and fellow engi-nerds Thor and Adam from Surly, this past year's Interbike was just that: a 14-day road trip that featured ten days of riding and camping. Our weapons of choice were the new Horsethief.

We rode and camped our way to and from Vegas, hitting up numerous popular trails in Colorado and Utah. Highlights included charging down Hazard County into Porcupine Rim with rep Tyler Anderson, like four actual horse thieves running from the Moab sheriff, exploring the Gooseberry Mesa moonscape, and enjoying three days of lift-access downhill on our sorely underutilized DH bikes at Keystone and Winter Park resorts. There were, of course, a whole host of other trails and towns and experiences along the way, and somewhere in there, Dirt Demo and Interbike happened too!

Aside from all the riding, having three engineers stuck in a vehicle together for two weeks is an interesting experiment. Free from cube walls, email, meeting reminders, and product managers, with hours of pavement in front of us, our conversations were free to wander. Lots of crazy ideas were dreamed up. Some might stick, while others the world is not quite ready for. Keeps your eyes and ears peeled. I can say with confidence, that there is even more new and exciting stuff coming down the pipeline.

Road trip dreaming and scheming isn't a bad way to get through winter either. Hopefully you're doing some of the same. Who knows, perhaps I'll run into you on the trail, somewhere out there, later this year.

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Pete Koski

Pete Koski

Hi, I'm Pete and I am a product development engineer for Salsa. I like all kinds of riding from commuting to dirt jumping. I think flat pedals make you a better bike handler, that the thru-axle is vastly superior to the quick-release for off-road applications, and that moving through the world on bicycle allows one to see things they might not otherwise. I suffer daily from hunger-induced anger, also known as [i]hanger[/i]. Outside of work and riding, I enjoy kiteboarding, traveling, and watching hockey.


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Tim Meek | January 10th, 2012

It appears to be impossible to buy Salsa complete bikes in the UK Have you any plans to change this. They look great.

Many thanks.


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David | January 10th, 2012

Any plans for a frame bag for the Fargo?


Gnat | January 10th, 2012

@Tim - I believe you have been contacted already by someone from our international sales team. 

@David - We will be offering framebags for other models. They all aren’t happening at the same time. Fargo V2 (new geometry), El Mariachi, and Spearfish. At this tim, if you have the V1 original Fargo, you will need to get a custom bag made.

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David | January 15th, 2012

Thanks Gnat!

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