EXP Series Bikepacking Gear Updates

Back in the days when racks and panniers were the only way to carry a load on your bike, it would have been difficult to imagine just how advanced carrying-stuff-on-bikes technology could get. Yet here we are today, sharing a long list of updates to our EXP lineup that add more function to your adventures by bike.

EXP Series Anything Cradle (available end of September)

What’s New:

Our handlebar-mounted cargo system holds up to 8 lbs. of gear without sitting on top of your cables. It’s the perfect spot for a sleep system or dry bag with spare clothing. We redesigned the Anything Cradle Dry Bags, using more flexible materials and incorporating an air-purge valve to minimize pack size. We also developed a Top-Load version to complement the current side-loading design. Riders who have ever found the current Anything Cradle Dry Bag too wide to squeeze onto their drop bars will appreciate the Top-Load Dry Bag. While we were at it, we developed a new Front Pouch with more compartments for quick access to items and one-handed opening and closing for easy access while riding.

Holding it all together are our all-new 30" EXP Series Rubber Straps. These strong, durable, TPU-coated straps have some stretch and grip built in to simplify load strapping.

Finally, we’ve increased the clamp size on the cradle arms to fit 35.0 mm handlebars (and included nylon shims for 31.8 mm handlebars).

Image collage showcasing all the new EXP Series bikepacking bags mounted to a Salsa Spearfish full-suspension bicycle.

Anything Cage Bag (available now)

What’s New:

Our reliable Anything Cage HD is unchanged and still adds 6.6 lbs. of cargo capacity to the Three-Pack mounts on your fork or frame. But we’ve redesigned the roll-top Anything Cage Bag with a molded base so it can stand up on its own during packing, and added two daisy chains for multiple secure attachment points. The Anything Cage HD Kit also comes with two of our new 22" EXP Series Rubber Straps, which simplify loading and provide elasticity and grip for a dependable hold.

Image collage showcasing all the new EXP Series bikepacking bags mounted to a Salsa Cutthroat bicycle.

Direct Mount Top Tube Bag (available now at some dealers with more on the way!)

What’s New:

  • Direct-Mount attachment via Thumb Screw
  • Slimmer design that’s easier to open on the go

Our Top Tube Bag is completely redesigned and now sports the same EXP Direct Mount Thumb Screw attachment system found on our Cutthroat Direct Mount Frame Pack (plus straps for attaching to frames without top tube mounts). It’s also sleeker and easier to open one-handed for grabbing items while riding.

Three images showcase the Direct Mount Top Tube Bag with thumbscrew attachment feature.

Our design and engineering teams put hundreds of hours into these pieces, driven to improve the loaded-riding experience—we hope you enjoy them. The EXP Series Rubber Straps, Anything Cage Bag,  and Direct Mount Top Tube Bag are available now from your local bike shop, while the Anything Cradle and Dry Bags will be in-stock later this month.

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