Gravel & Gratitude: Krystal & Warbird

Our Gravel & Gratitude storysite gets rolling in earnest with part one; Krystal & Warbird, featuring sponsored rider Krystal Salvent and her Warbird. Krystal brings us along on her journey to riding and the constants she's discovered along the way.

"In a world where we are tied to desks and forced to be 'responsible' adults, bikes have provided a place for me to play and hone in on passion."

Krystal stands on a railroad crossing in the high plains with her Warbird gravel bike. Text reads: Gravel & Gratitude

Read Krystal's story and immerse yourself in a visual backdrop from the creative team of Adam Andres Pawlikiewicz Mesa, Evan Green, and Jalen Bazile.

Check out Part 1 of Gravel & Gratitude here

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Lindsay Beltchenko

Lindsay Beltchenko


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