Ichi-go Ichi-e: In This Moment, An Opportunity

Today we’re pleased to present the latest film from Dan Clark and family. As always, our thanks to them for their incredible generousity and spirit. -Kid

“A 16th-century Japanese tea master originated the four-character saying, “Ichi-go ichi-e.” This can be translated as, “In this moment, there is an opportunity.” We learned about this concept when our family of four travelled to Japan to ride a 600-mile loop around the island of Hokkaido. Dreams of sushi, temples, and pavement materialized into a relaxing family vacation where we rode our bikes though beautiful country on quiet roads. We stopped regularly to eat good food and slept comfortably in our tent each night.”

Ichi-go Ichi-e: In This Moment, An Opportunity from Dan Clark on Vimeo.


The Clark family rode...

The four members of the Clark family pose in front of their loaded mountain bikes with a green forested landscape in the background

Alice: Journeyman 700

Ava Fei: Timberjack 24

Dan: Warbird

Koby: Timberjack


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The Clark Family: Dan, Alice, Koby, and Ava Fei

The Clark Family: Dan, Alice, Koby, and Ava Fei

Cycling has been part of our life since our kids were born. When they were babies, cycling provided us a time-crunched workout between diaper changes. But these were solitary missions, not family adventures. Our cycling took on a new dimension in 2014 when we left our home and jobs and flew to the tip of South America for our first bike trip as a family. During our eight-month ride, north along the Andes of Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia we discovered the freedom that bikes and an open itinerary allow. We experienced the peace and solitude of roads less traveled, strengthened our family bonds, and were welcomed into a larger family of cyclists from around the world - our “Familia Ciclista.”


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