Introducing The 2018 Mukluk

We’re excited to present the 2018 family of Mukluk. Many of us here at Salsa have had the pleasure of watching Mukluk evolve over the last decade, and we believe that today, it stands as the most progressive fat bike in the industry.

Product Manager, Joe Meiser is a big fan and proud Mukluk rider and racer, and he plays an instrumental role each year in helping to push the line up to the next level. When asked what his favorite features of the current Mukluk are, the five that immediately came to mind were:

  • The clearance for tires ranging from 26 x 3.8–5.0″, 27.5 x 2.8–4.0″, and 29 x 2.2–3.0″
  • The ability to change the chainstay length from 432–450 mm on the Carbon model with the Alternator 2.0 dropout
  • 197 x 12mm rear spacing and a 100mm BB shell keeps the Q-factor narrow and open to a wide range of drivetrain configurations, including 1x and 2x
  • The Bearpaw fork is the first carbon fat bike fork to feature Three-Pack mounts for our Salsa Anything Cages, and its suspension-corrected numbers play nice with up to 100mm travel suspension forks if the rider chooses to go that route
  • Thoughtful and useful features like toptube mounts for our EXP Series Toptube Pack, three water bottle mounts, and the option to run our Alternator Rack 190 with a Rack-Lock seat collar

2018 Mukluk Carbon X01 Eagle…

Meiser put together some killer builds this time around. “In 2018, spec highlights include HED carbon wheels on Mukluk Carbon X01 Eagle and HED aluminum rims with DT Swiss hubs for Mukluk Carbon GX Eagle. All models now roll on Maxxis 26 x 4.8″ Minion FBR tires, and wider range mountain 1x drivetrains (X01 Eagle, GX Eagle, and SLX 1x11) will add to Mukluk’s off-road prowess. We’re stoked about our new thru-axles, and new handlebar, seatpost, and stem widths and lengths will help to dial in the fit across frame sizes.” He adds, “We carefully think through every price point of our bike specification to give a great ride experience and a product that will provide riders with season after season of enjoyment.”

Mukluk is our most versatile fat bike, engineered to excel in just about any off-road scenario you can throw at it. Meiser can attest to that. “I have ridden the Mukluk on fresh snow, perfectly groomed snow singletrack, dirt, and pavement. Using the Alternator Dropouts, I’ve come to really appreciate how it carves singletrack with 26 x 4.0″ tires in the shortest wheelbase configuration, and the amount of stability that it offers with a 5.0″ tire in the longer wheelbase configuration.” When he’s got the fire for some fat bike competition, he goes for his Mukluk too. “I chose it to race this year for Fat Bike Birkie, and our team riders have used it for Arrowhead and Iditarod. It is incredibly capable, versatile, fast, and tons of fun. At the same time, it’s also the fat bike I choose when I want to go off-trail and do some exploring in the woods.”

On any surface, in any season, Mukluk has the chops to tackle whatever lies ahead. If your answer to, “What are your fat bike interests?” is, “All of them,” then Mukluk may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

The 2018 Mukluk is available in three build levels and as a frameset in carbon, and one build level in aluminum.

AVAILABILITY: Some models shipping to dealers in the next few weeks. Contact your Salsa authorized dealer to order.


MSRP BIKE: $5,399.00

FRAMESET: $1,999.00


MSRP BIKE: $3,499.00


MSRP BIKE: $2,699.00


MSRP BIKE: $1,799.00

Please visit our Mukluk product pages for complete information, detail photos, and more.


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Mark Sirek

Mark Sirek

I had to live on both coasts a couple of times to realize that maybe being born in the Midwest wasn’t just arbitrary. I’m drawn to the terrain here, and if you catch me with one of this region’s supreme IPAs in hand, I’ll talk your ear off about my favorite spots. I’ll always take every opportunity though to explore every nook and cranny anywhere I can on a bike, because that’s what makes me feel most alive.


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Matt | August 2nd, 2017

Does 26x5.0 compatibility include vee snowshoe XXL’s or is the Mukluk left out of fitting the largest current production fat tire?


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Mark | August 4th, 2017

How are these new Mukluk’s different from the fat bikes Fatback has already had in production for a year?  Fatback’s seem to check off every stat Salsa badges the new 2018 Mukluk with, and then some.

Fatbacks have won the grueling Iditarod over a dozen times, not just competed in them, like Salsa.

Fatbacks have better paint schemes too, and never voided factory warranties if a 120mm suspension fork was installed.  Salsa, up to now, voids customer warranties on bikes with that configuration, and will only recommend the Bluto fork on the Mukluk.  Their Customer Service / Tech team said (in JUL 2017) they do not recommend the (all-mountain) Manitou Mastodon or the Wren suspension forks because Salsa has yet to test their frames to stand up to the additional trail riding capable with those forks, over the XC-style reba inspired Bluto.

So it’s obvious, Salsa is engineering their frames for XC use, not AM.  Fatback frames are rated for all-mountain use.

Will the “new” 2018 Mukluk’s have a different frame geometry than previous years?  Has stack and reach, HT, ST angles and BB drop changed?  Or just the rear CS?




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jazdy dodatkowe gdańsk | August 18th, 2017

Good bikes made of high quality materials

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Eric Hart | August 18th, 2017

I’m glad to see Salsa using Hed wheels on some of the builds, they add speed to a fatbike with no downside. My 2014 Mukluk has thousands of miles on it, I have ridden it year round in every conceivable condition. The frame has held up great, the bike has been reliable and with a rack on the back has hauled many pounds of trash out of the areas we ride. I would love to have a new Mukluk as they look great but the one I have is still a solid bike.

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