Long Story Short: The Tool-Free Adjustable Dropper

All Salsa mountain bikes come with dropper posts. It’s a nice feature to have, whether lowering the saddle for rough descents or to allow a bit more body language on highly technical terrain.

Droppers have typically created a unique spec problem, however. Salsa riders come in all sizes, and sometimes a dropper post has too much or little travel to be a perfect fit for the frame. We wanted a way to adjust dropper post travel based on rider height and leg length, so we consulted with TranzX, our dropper post partner, to develop a unique solution:

The TranzX YSI05 Travel Adjust dropper post offers a travel range of 30 mm, making it easy for retailers and riders to set up each dropper post for the best fit and maximum travel for any bike in just a few seconds. You can even adjust the travel while the post is installed on your bike for easy changes at home or the trailhead, whether you want less travel for conserving energy on long rides or more travel for riding bigger terrain.

This adjustable dropper post comes stock on all of our mountain bikes (except Rangefinder) for model year 2020—check each bike’s Build Kit page to confirm. It will also be available aftermarket in 30.9 mm and 31.6 mm diameters soon.

For detailed instructions on how to use the TranzX YSI05 Travel Adjust dropper post, visit http://www.tranzx.com/video/20190517_YSI05.html.

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