Maximizing Summer

During the past month, three out of the four weekends I have been bikepacking. It is so addicting, freeing, and completely FUN!

I am so fortunate to live where I do, since there are endless amounts of routes to choose from. I can either leave from my front door, or drive half and hour, and have access to endless gravel roads with quiet and beautiful landscapes that are completely overwhelming.

I've explored new territory, and revisited some old.

I've shared lots of laughs, meals and experiences with good friends, as well as new friends.

I've worried about bees and bears, fended off mosquitoes, collected wood and made big fires. I've camped next to rivers, slept under the stars and a full moon, soaked in hot springs, as well as sat in some cold streams and lakes.

The more I go, the more comfortable and efficient I become with choosing my gear and packing my bike. Go figure?

But I always learn more about myself, gear and food. I truly love how bikepacking offers endless opportunities of places to ride, see, and be!

This is where I live...where everyday seems like vacation.

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Tracey Petervary

Tracey Petervary

Endurance cyclist Tracey Petervary is a New Jersey native residing in Victor, Idaho. She started adventure racing 18 years ago, enjoying multi-day, multi-sport team events traveling to places such as Fiji, New Zealand and across the United States. Her stable includes several bikes (MTB, road, cyclocross, commuter, fat, tandem), which allow her to ride every day of the year in any condition.


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