Music For Free Spring Tour

I am getting excited to head back out on the road to share Music for Free with more folks. In 2018 filmmaker Keenan DesPlanques and I rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route during the Tour Divide race. Keenan carried all of his camera gear on his bike and I carried my guitar and banjo on mine. We stopped along the 3000-mile route to give 16 pre-arranged performances. Our goal was to celebrate the communities along the route by giving them free concerts and collecting their stories to share in our film, Music for Free.  

So what does a Music for Free Screening and concert look like? 

In keeping with the Music for Free tradition, using bike shops and other alternative, non-traditional, and sometimes outdoor spaces, screening events are often an adventure in themselves. There is typically some kind of food and beverage with social time, followed by the film screening, followed by live music with a Q & A style dialogue mixed in. 

I have enjoyed every opportunity to continue sharing Music for Free with new audiences. The conversations that arise after folks have seen the film, mixed with the stories I hear from other riders and community members about their own adventures and perspective on the world bring so much joy. It's endlessly inspiring the many ways we are all connected through land and bikes. 

Music For Free Film Screenings/Mini Concert Spring Tour Dates & Locations

March 5 - Cable, Wisconsin - The Rivers Eatery - 7 PM

March 11 - Des Moines, Iowa - Captain Roy's - 7 PM - presented by Kyle's Bikes

March 12 - Stillwater, Oklahoma - IRON MONK - 6 PM - presented by District Bicycles

March 14 - Clarkdale, Arizona - Chateau Tumbleweed - 3 PM - presented by Chateau Tumbleweed

March 17 - Tucson, Arizona - Transit Cycles - 7 PM - presented by Transit Cycles

March 18 - Silver City, New Mexico - 103 College Ave - 7 PM - presented by Gila Hike and Bike

March 21 - Moab, Utah - The Helipad - 7 PM - presented by Chile Pepper Bike Shop

March 23 - Lincoln, Nebraska - Cycle Works - 7 PM - presented by Cycle Works

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