My First Gravel Race

Today's guest blogger is 10-1/2 year old Ella Haraldson. -Kid

My First Gravel Race

The bike race in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, was named unPAved. I think it was called this because it was mostly on gravel. The hardest thing for me and my mom on the tandem we were riding was the mountain we had to bike up. My favorite part was going down it, the Aid Station, and the couch at the top of the hill! Let me tell you about these things.

First, we have the Aid Station: At the Aid Station, you get to refuel, warm up, and you get candy! The couch at the top of the mountain is like a photo booth. My dad takes the picture, and when the next person comes, you get off.

This is a fun bike ride, and if you’re up for more of a challenge, there’s 90 and 120 milers you could try. Less of a challenge are the 54 or 30 milers. I did the 54, which was pretty hard. I recommend trying this bike race, or you could work up to it: 10 miles, 20 miles, 30 miles (in the race), 54 miles, 90 miles, 120 miles. So, have fun, and work hard. Keep riding!

Written by: Ella Haraldson, age 10½

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