New for 2013: Introducing Beargrease

New for 2013 is the Beargrease, our fat bike designed specifically to be a lightweight racer. We took the stable handling and geometry of our popular Mukluk frameset, and paired it with very stiff and light tubing, stripped it of extra features (and weight) and created a 5.2 lbs fat frameset (28.5 lbs for a stock Medium complete bike) that is perfectly suited for attacking events like the Arrowhead 135, the Simpson Desert Classic, or simply dominating your local weekend snow series.


At the heart of the Beargrease is the frameset. The frame uses the same 6000-series EV6 Extrolite tubing found on our Spearfish and Mamasita frames. The properties of this tubing, combined with intentional shaping, as well as single, double, and triple-butted profiles, combine to create a frame that tips the scales at 3.6 lbs. A tapered headtube and triple-butted downtube mate to shaped rear stays to create a stiffer frame than our Mukluk, offering more efficient power transfer. Ride compliance is deferred to the oversized, low pressure tires. Standard vertical dropouts are used in favor of our versatile Alternator dropouts to save weight, and because trail conditions typically vary so much that most fatbike racers favor a geared drivetrain. Frame, seat, and handlebar bags dominate the light and fast edurance scene these days, and the Beargrease follows this trend; rack and fenders mounts are ommited to save precious grams. We didn't skimp on bottle mounts, knowing that local weekend racers prefer bottles for the shorter sprint events. Each frame features two bottle mounts in the front triangle (only one on XS). Beargrease receives a black anodized finish instead of paint, which also nets over 100g in weight savings.

The fork was an integral part in achieving the Beargrease design. Because ride compliance was less of a design factor for a fork intended to be used with large, low-presure tires, we are able to capitailze on what makes aluminum a great material for bikes: large diameter tubes that are very stiff and light. The heat treated 7000-series fork features a custom-designed one-piece tapered steerer tube and huge D-shaped, butted and tapered blades in a fully-welded construction (no gluing or bonding). This creates a very strong and light-weight fork, weighing in at just 720 grams (uncut), a full pound lighter than our feature-laden Enabler fork. The Beargrease fork uses the same 135mm spacing, front I.S. brake pattern, and 15.25mm (rear) disc/hub offset as the Enabler, and like the frame, will come in a Speedy Black Anodized finish. The fork is included with the Beargrease frameset, but will also be available seperately as well.

2013 Beargrease: Complete Bike MSRP $2999; Frameset Only MSRP $999


The Beargrease frame features the same low and stable geometry as our 2012 Mukluks. This makes riding in soft or loose conditions at both slow and fast speeds a little more comfortable (less twitchy), and the low standover height makes dabbing, dismounting, and re-starting easier. The only significant change we made was to reduce the headtube length a bit, and combined with the ZS tapered headset stack, puts the bars about 20mm lower, comparatively. This allows for a more aggressive riding position for those looking to hammer. For those who prefered the more upright position of the 2011 or 2012 Mukluk, 20mm of spacers and/or one of our higher angle rise stems does the trick.

Regarding Spec

The complete bike spec, like the frameset design, was chosen with the intent of yielding a lightweight and efficient fat bike. The wheels utilize Salsa Mukluk 2 hubs laced to custom color-matched Surly Holy Rolling Darryl rims and 120tpi folding-bead 45NRTH Husker Du tires. A 160mm front/140mm rear set of Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic brakes offer up a lighter setup than cable-pull discs brakes, and the DOT fluid running through the lines is rated well below 0F. The drivetrain is a mix of SRAM 10-speed X0 and X7 components. The crankset/bottom bracket featured on the Beargrease is a new and exciting product from our friends over at Ethirteen. It's a totally new, redesigned crank arm with nice look, a stiff feel, and a lightweight design thanks to their innovative spindle design. It also features new and improved BB cups/seals/bearings for better bearing life. Perhaps the coolest feature of the crankset though, is an exclusive 64/104mm BCD chainring spider co-designed with Salsa, that improves the alignment of the chainrings to the rear cassette, creating better shifting performance and eliminating tire/chain intereference (82mm rims/3.8" tires). The Beargease cockpit is made up of our Pro Moto 2 components and our new clamp-on Backcountry grips. The frame features full-length housing and under-the-toptube cable routing.

2013 Beargrease Complete Bike Spec

Frame              Beargrease Aluminum
Fork                 Salsa Beargrease, Aluminum, Tapered
Headset           Cane Creek 40 ZS44/ZS56
Stem                Salsa Pro Moto 2
Handlebar        Salsa Pro Moto 2 11 degree
Grips                Salsa BackCountry
Shifter              SRAM X.7
Front Brake     Avid Elixir 5
Rear Brake      Avid Elixir 5
Brake Lever     Avid Elixir 5
Rotors             160mm Front/140mm Rear
Seatpost          Salsa Pro Moto 2
Saddle             WTB Pure V
Front Der         SRAM X.7
Rear Der         SRAM X.0 10-Speed
Front Hub        Salsa Enabler, 32H
Rear Hub         Salsa Mukluk 2, 32H
Spokes            DT Swiss Competition
Rims                Surly Holy Rolling Darryl
Tires                45N Husker Du 26 x 4.0", 120tpi Folding
Cassette         SRAM PG-1050 11-36T
Chain              KMC X10
Crankset         e*thirteen w/ Shift Rings Custom for Salsa 22/36T

FAQ & Compatability

Lastly, here are some answers to questions you may have:

  • Frameset includes both frame and Beargrease fork
  • Beargrease fork will be sold seperately for those wanting to add it to a 2013 Mukluk, or other tapered compatible frame
  • Headset is ZS tapered (same as Spearfish) S.H.I.S. = ZS44/28.6 | ZS56/40
  • Post/Collar = 27.2mm/32mm
  • Front Derailleur type is high-direct mount, top-pull, and mounts via Problem Solvers adaptor
  • Frame fits 26 x 3.8" tires on 100mm rims, but drivetrain modifications may need to be made
  • Frame fits Surly BFL on both 80 and100mm rims, but drivetrain modifications must be made
  • Frame DOES NOT fit Surly Lou tires on any rim. Those things are HUGE!
  • Frame DOES NOT fit Surly 29+ Knard/Rabbit Hole wheels
  • Fork clears all 3.8"/4.8"/29+ tires on 65/80/100mm combos currently known. (NOTE: Surly Bud on 100mm rim requires low pressure to squeeze past the caliper)
  • Similarly sized Mukluk frame bags will fit on the Beargrease

We're stoked on the Beargrease as another step forward in the evolution of fatbikes, and hope you are too.

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Pete Koski

Pete Koski

Hi, I'm Pete and I am a product development engineer for Salsa. I like all kinds of riding from commuting to dirt jumping. I think flat pedals make you a better bike handler, that the thru-axle is vastly superior to the quick-release for off-road applications, and that moving through the world on bicycle allows one to see things they might not otherwise. I suffer daily from hunger-induced anger, also known as [i]hanger[/i]. Outside of work and riding, I enjoy kiteboarding, traveling, and watching hockey.


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Luke | August 22nd, 2012

I got to ride this bad boy yesterday…WOW!  I never thought a fatbike could be so fast.

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Bo | August 22nd, 2012

Man, you guys are getting really good at making all things that I cannot live without.

That is one sweet ride!

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Scott | August 22nd, 2012

Pete, you’re starting to make me wish it snowed here, damnit!!!!

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Adventure Monkey | August 22nd, 2012

I…Must… Have… One.

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Johnny | August 22nd, 2012

Sweet I’m pre ordering my first Muckluck 3 2013 tomorrow

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Brad | August 22nd, 2012

It’s fast. It’s light.  It’s fun.  Fatbike riding just brought it’s “A game”.  Salsa nailed it with the Beargrease.

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Elvis | August 23rd, 2012

so… Lou in the front on a Clown Shoe.

and I can run a BFL on a Clown Shoe in the back, but with drivetrain mods…

I wonder if I can combine the Salsa 135mm adapter with an Alfine in some creative way. That would move the chainline outboard considerably.


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lalo | August 23rd, 2012

this is lighter than my 26er XC race bike


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Stu | August 23rd, 2012

29r or 26 or am I being dim have have missed something?

No avatar image

Stu | August 23rd, 2012

Just read it to answer my own dim-ness! :-/

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Rod Budnik | August 23rd, 2012

My Mukluk is my favorite bike in the stable.  Snow, sand or singletrack - everytime i swing my leg over it, a smile is on my face.

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Johnny | August 23rd, 2012

Laid that c note on my muc 3 today its getting closer now the longgggggggggg wait

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Dustin | August 24th, 2012

got to demo one of these yesterday at the lumberyard pdx. holy crap this thing is a blast.

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Robert | August 24th, 2012

“paired it with very stiff and light tubing, stripped it of extra features (and weight) and created a 5.2 lbs fat frameset”

“The properties of this tubing, combined with intentional shaping, as well as single, double, and triple-butted profiles, combine to create a frame that tips the scales at 3.6 lbs.”

... and a medium Mukluk Ti is 4.3 lbs, so how much does the Beargrease (Med) frame really weigh?


Gnat | August 24th, 2012

Thanks all.

Robert, not sure I understand your question but I think it lies in the definition of frameset vs frame only.

The Beargrease frameset which consists of a frame and fork is 5.2 lbs. Subtract the fork weight listed of 720 grams (1.58lbs) and you get 3.6lbs as stated.

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Robert | August 24th, 2012

Thanks for the quick response Gnat!

Learn something new ... one light frame!

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Nathan | August 24th, 2012

Awesome job guys, when will these be available for order?

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Paul Rotkis | August 24th, 2012

Can’t wait to test ride one!  You guys hit a homerun in allowing it to feel like a Mukluk with the switch of a spacer and stem!  Also, the guys at the Bicycle Shop on Northern Lights in Anchorage, Ak are truly professionals and really know Salsa well!

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Englebert Pierre | September 2nd, 2012

Just saw it Yesterday at Eurobike. Love both the bike and the idea.
What about a Pinion gearbox? That would be the perfect bike for me.

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wunnspeed | September 4th, 2012

I saw this at EuroBike on Friday and I have to say, it’s the first 26” based, mass-produced Fat Bike that I’ve had ANY interest in. It’s really nice! Glad to see that the Salsa sense of humor isn’t lost (ala Baby Blue rims, etc.). Good luck with it!

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Scott | September 11th, 2012

I was racing my Muk 3 last weekend at (WORS) Treadfest and this fellow racer told me about the Beargrease. I went home afterwards and looked on-line and immediately started to drool. I did fairly well considering my 2012 Muk 3 tips the scale at 34 lbs. I will be buying a Beargrease for the weight and racing, as well as most of my rides are under fifty miles.

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Steve | September 11th, 2012

I ordered my (small) Beargrease 3 weeks ago, was told mid September to mid October for delievery. Was wondering if things are on track for that time frame?

No avatar image

Jason | September 12th, 2012

I just ordered my (small) Beargrease, and I’m so stoked. I can’t wait for winter!

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Odd Andreassen | September 15th, 2012

Hi. I want to order one Beargrease but cant finde anyone i Europa that have the bike for sale. Any tips about a place I can order the bike.

No avatar image

Claude | September 18th, 2012


I just started seeing these fat tire bikes in my area and I am really interested in them. I would use it to commute to work in the winter but my fear is that the salt that is on the roads would rust the bike and components.

Just wondering about the durability under these conditions.

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Frank | September 23rd, 2012

So when will be seeing these in Germany (Green #3 and Beargrease)?
Have you supplied Cosmic already? Just wonder as I can not reach their website.

Or can you recommend an US dealer shipping overseas?

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Yukon Alvin | September 24th, 2012

Rode The Bear at Interbike last week. Salsa replaced Fat with Fast!
Its pushing fat biking into an other realm, could be the only bike you will ever need.I said need, not want… not the same.

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Mike | October 4th, 2012

I assume this will take 29er wheels/tires w/ 135/170mm hubs?

No avatar image

Paul Rotkis | October 4th, 2012

MIKE:  Why would it take 29” tires?

Frame fits 26 x 3.8” tires on 100mm rims, but drivetrain modifications may need to be made

No avatar image

Mike | October 4th, 2012

Because Paul
The Mukluks do and I was going to have a second lighter 29er wheel set to ride in the summer. But, thanks for pointing out the obvious on the 26” x3.8

No avatar image

Paul | October 4th, 2012

Ohhh… I see!  My misunderstanding Mike and apologies.  I forgot that there are many people that put 29"ers on these bikes in the summer! The snow has come already in AK!  I just put some $$ on the Muk II.

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Bill | October 8th, 2012

Trying to find a medium!  When will they be available?

No avatar image

Bill | October 8th, 2012

18” that is!

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Chris March | October 13th, 2012

Nice is it available in Québec Canada. I comute to work with MTB and THAT is the logicale way to go for winter. I would really love to try it, what is the price range?

No avatar image

Frank | October 14th, 2012

Ah, silly. Don’t ask questions. It’s a COMMENT board, understand?

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | October 15th, 2012

Odd Andreassen - Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and they will try to direct you toward a dealer that might be able to help

Claude - Salted winter roads can obviously due some harm to the components just as they will with any bike. Personally I’ve found that taking care of the chain is the main task you need to worry about. I’ve also found that keeping the bike ‘cold’ helps a lot, meaning try to avoid freezing/thawing cycles if possible by keeping the bike outdoors or in a cold location (unheated garage). Remember, the frame and fork of the Beargrease are aluminum so you don’t need to worry about rust there.

Frank - Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for help finding a dealer.

Mike - Yes, the bike will fit 29’er wheels. Remember you will need to build them with 135mm and 170mm hubs.

Chris March - In the USA the Beargrease is MSRP $2999.

Ed - We spec a long cage rear derailleur.

Thanks for your interest in the Beargrease folks. Remember we also have the Mukluk in our line. -Kid

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Dave Kocher | October 16th, 2012


Any idea as to when these bikes will show up in Arizona bike shops? I placed my order with my LBS a couple of months ago and have been chompin’ at the bit ever since.

-Dave K.

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Geoff | November 7th, 2012

I live in the Northeast (Boston Area) and haven’t found a single LBS carrying the Beargrease. Are these bike available yet?

No avatar image

Mike | November 9th, 2012

I put some money down for a Beargrease back in October, here in Colorado.  Even without ever riding one, I could tell its gonna be a blast.  I’ve had a picture of one as my screensaver ever since, trying to help with the wait, but I would like you to know I’m running out of paper towels wiping the slobber off the screen.  Please send my bike soon!

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CrazyLarry | November 14th, 2012

Love you guys at Salsa to bits!
Gnat/Kid you guys are GREAT at answering questions! Thanks for being so prompt,honest and forward. Along with Salsa being Innovative,quality,light weight,Where do I stop?
***I don’t want to stop talking about Salsa!
  I’m offering Gnat&Kid; to help out while announcing at the many races I attend here in Alberta and British Columbia to promote Salsa even more as the bike of choice for racers and pleasure. Soon announcing gigs in Turin,Italy - India(maybe?) - South Africa - and USA, life is starting to get busier with announcing cycling races.
Any chance of working on a even more light weight bike than the ‘BearGrease’ and that comes without offense of any kind; THIS IS ONE mean “LightWeight” winner of a bike; just wanting to push the envelope if I’m to show it to so many people and carry it over mtn passes in training.I am finally, registering my very own little cycling team of kids whom ALL UniCycle minimum 2 yrs. “Each” of them, only wishes to become World Champions. I told them about just doing your best; and they still say “World’s sounds better!”
Love ya’s!Gnat and Kid > Keep up the GREAT GREAT work eh!?
*** NEED I say more! LOVE to use your bikes and show them! Wow!!!!

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Adrian | November 21st, 2012

Hey guys love the Beargrease, it really is an awesome looking fat bike with great colour coding. One question though, is the wheelset available for separate purchase? I have a 2012 Blue Mukluk and the Beargrease wheelset would look awesome on it, just something about those blue rims…

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | November 26th, 2012

Adrian - A small number of Beargrease Blue-colored rims were brought in for aftermarket sales but they all sold within a day or so of arriving. We don’t have plans to bring in any more. Sorry.

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Mike | November 27th, 2012

I’m the Mike that posted on Nov 9.  I got to pick up my Beargrease on the 16th, and I just want to say I really love it.  So far it has outperformed every one of my expectations.  It might have only one drawback.  That is, I enjoy being in my own little world while riding my road bike, but now I have to speak to others because this bike gets a lot of cool comments every time I ride!  Everybody from young to old notices the wheels.
Great job designing something fun and unique.

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BikeAk | December 30th, 2012

I own the Bear Grease and have hopped it up to a sweet 23.5 lbs.  Snow bike racing will never be the same!

No avatar image

CrazyLarry | December 31st, 2012

BikeAk > Lets talk ASAP! The sooner the better ok!? Nice going! That’s where I’m heading,too!!

No avatar image

Miles | January 4th, 2013

Can the 135 adaptor for the Mukluk be used on the rear?

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | January 7th, 2013

Miles: Yes, you can use our 135 Space Out Adaptor in order to use a 135mm rear hub on the Beargrease. Please remember that your rear wheel needs to be built ‘Pugsley style’ to make this work, meaning it needs a 17.5mm offset.

And I’ll also add that while this setup works, it is not as ideal as using a 170mm rear hub.

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Cosmic Paul | January 16th, 2013

The Beargrease is an awesome ride and my “bear” does not want to hibernate in winter! To all and Howard; the bear is like air, food and water- something you just have to have !!

No avatar image

BikeAK | January 16th, 2013

Crazy Larry,

What Can I tell you?  I decked mine out and I now have what seems to be the lightest snow bike in town!


No avatar image

Jef | January 18th, 2013

Why not an cable (mechanic) brakes for winter?

No avatar image

Fred | January 23rd, 2013

is there a bashguard that will bolt onto the e.13?

No avatar image

Steve Jones | February 9th, 2013

Is that fillet brazing I see where the tubes are joined? Don’t recall seeing that on an aluminum bike, usually on fancy steel frames. Any comment on this? it looks neat!

Lightweight or not. You ought to have kept water bottle mounts ( ONE on the XS! good grief, come ON guys! on a bike that costs this much that’s just…..).
The lack of a rack mount I’ll half forgive you for. But it doesn’t help your customers make an easy choice. For example I NEED alternators ( for single speed) and mounts but i want the anodized finish, clean welds, colors and Husker DU’s. So I’m out of luck and whichever option I choose I’m having to compromise and can’t get that combo. Same with the purple black frame, (which I like) but can’t get a complete with that so have the expense of having to buy all the parts separately.
What to do? What to do?
This does look like a great bike but if only you had put alternators on it….

Hey, at least i didn’t mention the Rohloff word..oops now I’ve done it. Just kidding!

No avatar image

Paul rotkis | February 9th, 2013

Please Salsa, make a frame for next year that will take real fat tires on clown shoes I.e Lou and Bud. (Husker dus are great for racers and skinny cats, but offer no floatation and perform poorly in loose and deeper snow, thus becoming Huskerdonts.)

No avatar image

CrazyLarry | February 19th, 2013

I own a Salsa ‘Mamasita’ 29’er *(LOVE it!) not a FatBike but looking for info ASAP.
I am training and wish to lighten my bike to the MAX right now before June.
*Light as is possible without loosing too much strength for cross country rides, mostly.Wheels,crank,derailleur,bars,brakes,front crank-set, the works! ALL of it if necessary.
Any ideas out there from someone? Salsa LOVE you boys!!! Wow! Love my bike!!

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Cosmic Paul | February 27th, 2013

The 2014 carbon Beargrease looks very cool but is Salsa going to continue to offer the aluminium Beargrease?

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | February 27th, 2013

Cosmic Paul - We won’t be announcing our full 2014 line until late July.

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Fiftyplusrider | March 14th, 2013

When will the 2014 carbon Beargrease be available? Looking forward to owning my first fat bike.

No avatar image

Nicholas Brookins | March 28th, 2013

I wanted to ride in the snow and my mt bike with studs and couldn’t ride on the trail where the snow machines go. So I tested the beargrease out and I couldn’t believe how fast it was. My perception was that I would have to overcome a lot of torque related to the size of the tires. It was smooth, the ice was easy. The six inches of snow I could ride through as well. I ended up buying it with some poagies. I love my new bike, the look, the ride. Still can’t believe how light it is. I am sold, proud to be the owner of a fat bike.

No avatar image

TheBoostCreep | April 21st, 2013

Love my Beargrease so much. Thanks guys. I can’t wait to go carbon next. I was just at the Grand Canyon with the Grease on the back of my family minivan. Almost every tourist walking by had to take a photo and squeeze the tire. It is a great ride and I have had tons of fresh tracks near Lyons CO all winter.

No avatar image

bill andrus | July 3rd, 2013

Mine gets eye f*#cked so much I’m getting very jealous!

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