2013 Updates: Mukluk

Today we present our Mukluk line, updated for 2013.

At Salsa we don't view fatbikes as only being about snow and sand, but as extremely capable all-season, all-terrain performers. For 2013, we've made some changes to our popular Mukluk frame that help transform the Mukluk into the ATB of bicycles.

Mukluk Ti

This frameset carries over unchanged for 2013. It retains the 2012 geometry and standard 34mm headtube, and continues to feature our Alternator dropouts, and will only be availabe as a Complete Bike.

Frame Updates For Mukluk 2 & 3


2013 Mukluk 2 Complete Bike: White/Lime Green

For 2013, we've added our super-versatile Alternator dropouts to our aluminum Mukluk frames. The Alternator dropouts allow for multiple drivetrain options and adjustable chainstay length/tire clearance. It's now possible to set the Mukluk up as a true singlespeed, or even configure a singlespeed drivetrain after a log rips off your rear derailleur during that bush-whack ride. The Alternators are also incredibly durable. They've made multiple trips down the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. In fact, just this summer, our sponsored rider Kurt Refsnider and his partner Caroline rode the Tour Divide on our prototype tandem equipped with Alternators.

Alternator dropouts on 2013 Mukluk 2

Another new feature for our aluminum Mukluks is a 44mm headtube. The primary reason for this change is to allow for the use of both straight 1-1/8" forks and tapered 1.5" forks. There are several new fatbike forks out there (including our new Beargrease fork) that come in tapered form. Additionally, since the Mukluk is also compatible with 29er wheels (135mm front and 170mm rear spacing needed), it keeps the option open to use the latest and greatest suspension forks.

Lastly, we've switched to toptube cable routing via triple guides. Cable routing always evokes opinions like politics, but we listened to feedback from our dealers and customers and decided to make the change. Like the previous model years, we continue to use full-length housing, but this new routing orients the front derailleur housing exit downward, instead of up, and takes advantage of the integrated housing stop on high direct mount front derailleurs. This keeps the front derailleur shifting smoother for longer.

The frame retains the upper seatstay rack mounts, and you will soon see a new rack from Salsa that is specifically built for both fat tires and Alternator dropouts. It's pretty sweet, but I'll save the details for a separate blog post in the coming weeks.

2013 Mukluk 3 Complete Bike: Hold Yer Fire Orange

Geometry Updates for Mukluk 2 & 3

In keeping with the all-season, all-terrain theme, we have tweaked the geometry of the 2013 Mukluk 2 and 3 to make it more versatile. We've taken cues from our venerable El Mariachi and adjusted the Mukluk to be a little more 'mountain bike' than previous iterations. The bottom bracket drop was raised slightly to add a touch of clearance, and the rear-center  was shortened from 455 to 447mm. The headtube angle was also slackened out to 69.5 degrees for all sizes, and the length of the headtube reduced 10mm.  

Together, this adds up to make the handling of the Mukluk a little snappier, quicker, and aggressive, which we find really adds to the experience in non-snow conditions/events. For those who prefer a little longer and more stable bike for snow and or loose conditions, or "just because", the Alternator dropouts allow for up to 17mm of rear-center (and wheelbase) to be added back into the frame, getting the handling essentially back to what the 2011/2012 frame versions featured. The headtube length adjustment lowers the handlebars about 10mm than the previous model years when running a ZS44 lower. When using a EC44 lower cup and tapered fork, the bars end up about the same as the 2011/2012 frames, due to the difference in lower cup stack height.

2013 Mukluk 3 Complete Bike: Tank Green

Complete Bikes & Framesets

To compliment the versatility of our Alternator-equipped Mukluk framesets, the component spec of all the completes also lends itself to the all-season, all-terrain intent of the Mukluk. All Mukluk completes and framesets continue to feature our feature-laiden Enabler fork. 2013 Mukluk 2 and 3 frames are also compatible with the new tapered Beargrease fork. With the exception of the the BFL front tire on the Muk Ti, all the 2013 Mukluks feature Surly Nate tires. The Nate tire is my personal favorite. It performs everywhere, in any conditions. The Mukluk Ti and Mukluk 2 feature the new ethirteen crank and exclusive spider that moves the chainrings out for improved alignment wih the cassette and creates more chain-to-tire clearance. The Mukluk 3 also features a "fat-corrected" chainline on a custom ISIS crank.

For complete bike spec, frame tech, and geometry info see the 2013 Mukluk pages on our website.


Mukluk Ti - Complete Bike MSRP $4199

Mukluk 2 - Complete Bike available in White/Lime Green MSRP $2450

Mukluk 2 - Frameset available in Gloss Black/Purple or White/Lime Greem MSRP $699

Mukluk 3 - Complete Bike available in both Orange and Tank Green MSRP $1750

2013 Mukluk 2 Frameset Only: Gloss Black/Purple

FAQ & Compatability

Here's some answers before you ask:

  • Mukluks retain the same spacing, chainline, and tire clearance as 2012. The crankset solutions mentioned above eliminate chainrub with 3.8" tires on 82mm rims
  • Mukluk 2's and 3's have painted-to-match Enabler forks
  • For straight 1-1/8" forks headset:  S.H.I.S. = ZS44/28.6 | ZS44/30
  • For tapered 1.5" forks headset: S.H.I.S. = ZS44/28.6 | EC44/40
  • Tapered fork (468 x 45mm) and EC44 cup reduce HTA (headtube angle) and STA (seat tube angle) both by 0.5-degree, and reduce BB drop by 4mm
  • Post/Collar = 27.2mm/32mm
  • Front Derailleur type is high-direct mount, top-pull, and mounts via Problem Solvers adaptor
  • Frame fits 26 x 3.8" tires on 100mm rims, but drivetrain modifications may be necessary
  • Frame fits Surly BFL on both 80 and100mm rims, but drivetrain modifications are necessary
  • Mukluk 2 & 3 frames fits Surly Lou on 82mm rim, but Alternator dropouts must be adjusted to back 1/3 of range, and drivetrain modifications are necessary
  • Frame DOES NOT Surly Lou on 100mm rim
  • Frame fits Surly 29-plus Knard/Rabbit Hole wheels, but Alternator dropouts must be adjusted to full rearward position
  • Enabler Fork clears all 3.8"/4.7"/29+ tires on 65/80/100mm combos currently known.
  • Mukluk frame bags and fit are unchanged

I hope this post helps you understand our 2013 Mukluk offerings a bit better. They are incredibly capable and versatile bikes that will see you through many miles and adventures, on all kinds of terrain.

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Pete Koski

Pete Koski

Hi, I'm Pete and I am a product development engineer for Salsa. I like all kinds of riding from commuting to dirt jumping. I think flat pedals make you a better bike handler, that the thru-axle is vastly superior to the quick-release for off-road applications, and that moving through the world on bicycle allows one to see things they might not otherwise. I suffer daily from hunger-induced anger, also known as [i]hanger[/i]. Outside of work and riding, I enjoy kiteboarding, traveling, and watching hockey.


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Luke | August 29th, 2012

Lets see that new rack!

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Andrew F | August 29th, 2012

The green on that Mukluk 3 is perfect. The price tag seems reasonable too considering the relatively few of these produced. But I’ll have to see a few snowy winters in CT to make it tempting since I was able to ride our trails through all of last winter on my regular mt bike.

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did | August 29th, 2012

I’m ass-you-me-ing that the Knard/Rabbit Hole combo would be a tight fit on a 2012 Muk 2 frame? Inquiring minds need to know, because HUGE GIGGLES.

Also, my wife’s gonna burst if you don’t show off the 2013 El Mar soon…


PK | August 29th, 2012

did - 29+ does not fit in the 2012 or 2011 frames, sorry for the bad news.  The stay bridges are not located far enough from the axle to clear the larger diameter of this wheel size.

No avatar image

MG | August 29th, 2012

Awww… bummer, Pete. I was hoping to be able to try that on my ‘12 Muk. Oh well…

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Toob | August 29th, 2012

They look great. In order to chose I would to know the weight of the models. I am still unsure whether to chose the Mukluk or Beargrease

No avatar image

Holiday | August 29th, 2012

Are these available now? Mukluk 2.
Small and Large ( i think).
I’m 5 11.5, 33 inseam.’
5ft 5.5
we are thinking winter commuters and grocery runners in tahoe, w/ racks for work stuff (wife is a teacher) and story runs. as well as back yard dirt play bikes…
order are direct through your site, or through shops?


No avatar image

Will | August 29th, 2012

Just curious on the frame weight.  Also curious if there are adapters to run a 135 hub on the rear.  Thanks!

No avatar image

Will | August 29th, 2012

Nevermind about the weight, just saw the “frame tech”.


Gnat | August 30th, 2012

Hey folks, Andy and I weighed the Muk 2 and Muk 3 used for the photos in this blog post.

Muk 2 - Size Medium - 32.625lbs
Muk 3 - Size Medium - 35.04 lbs

Regarding Mukluk availability, we will begin shipping Mukluks to our dealers the second week of September.

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Ingalls71 | August 31st, 2012

Can the Mukluk run the 4.7 Big fat Larry tires?

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Robert | August 31st, 2012

Good to see the new 2013 bikes now listed on the main website!
Question regarding the 2013 Mukluk: the Build kit lists a SRAM PG1030 (10-speed) cassette, but 9-speed rear derailleur and chain. So which is it?

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Johnny | September 15th, 2012

Got my muck 3 today it got to me a mounth early so sweeeeeet going on my maden ride tomorrow fall coolers starting to pop here in mn let it snow latter boys Johnny out

No avatar image

José | October 2nd, 2012

So the 2013 Mukluks can’t mount conventional racks anymore?

No avatar image

Jake | October 11th, 2012

Good question about racks, José.

Anybody have ideas on how to mount a rear rack on these bikes?

Bobby | October 11th, 2012

Jose’ and Jake,
Very wise observation.  In fact we designed an all new rack specifically for the alternator.  More info will be posted on the site very soon. They actually just came into stock at our distributor and can be ordered by your local Salsa dealer!  How bout’ them apples!

No avatar image

Ed | October 14th, 2012

What cage length derailleur are they running on the Beargrease with 10 speed?


No avatar image

Doug D | November 1st, 2012

I found it difficult to tell if your are saying that the lou will not fit on 100s on the Ti frames. I have one that I got last spring.  Mine seems to have more clearance than the aluminum frames, but I haven’t tried to squeeze lou in there and I am reluctant to buy such a pricy tire based on my optimism.

No avatar image

johnny | November 6th, 2012

So what rack can i use on my muck 3 when looking on this site . thank’s

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | November 27th, 2012

Johnny - The Alternator Rack Wide is the rear rack solution for all our Mukluks.

No avatar image

Johnny | December 3rd, 2012

What’s the least amount of air I can run in my muck and still keep the tire on the rim ?

No avatar image

Dorman Pantfoeder | December 11th, 2012

What if you want the gates carbon belt drive and a rohloff rear hub? Which model will work better? I like the aluminum or titanium longevity!

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | December 17th, 2012

Dorman - None of our frames are currently designed for use with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive system.

No avatar image

Dorman Pantfoeder | December 17th, 2012

Oh man! I had a wonderful vision of a sassy Salsa belt drive Rohloff in my very near future -please tell me there might be a breakaway design in the future! Ponte Vedra Beach are screaming for them!

No avatar image

Sourdough Sam | December 18th, 2012

Will the 3013 Mukluks be able to use the 500/14 speed IGH Rolhoff?  Fat Sand Bicycles already has an 8 or 11 speed IGH with 4.8” tires.  Why are you not being innovators like them?  I need a fat bike that can be used year ‘round.

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | December 18th, 2012

Sourdough Sam - The 3013 Mukluk will weigh less than 10 lbs and use proprietary anti-gravity Moonwalk tires. It will be the first fatbike to truly float.

Sorry…but I could not resist.

2013 Mukluk’s are based around a 170mm rear hub. Rohloff does not make a 170mm hub. Feel free to email them encouraging them to make a 170mm spaced rear hub.

Our Mukluk and Beargrease fatbike models are used year round, on snow, sand, pavement, dirt…you name it. Just as with any other bicycle, it requires maintenance of your drivetrain, but they same is true for the hypothetical Rohloff drivetrain you propose.

No avatar image

Shahin | December 27th, 2012

I just wish someone actually had these for sale! ;-)

No one seems to have them in stock (at least not what I am looking for, Orange/Small). Any ideas when you guys will catch up with the backlog?

No avatar image

John | January 30th, 2013

Why no Ti frame-only option?

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | February 4th, 2013

Shahin - Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and they can help you find what you are looking for. We use Authorized Dealers and there are times where a shop may not be able to get something if they did not pre-order it.

John - We have a very short supply of Mukluk Ti for 2013, but in 2014 the frameset option will return.

No avatar image

Shahin | February 4th, 2013

Thanks Kid Riemer. It took about 3 weeks of calling every dealer that had an online presence, but I am happy to report that I was finally able to find what I was looking for at Acme Bikes in SD. Had it shipped to me in CO and have been enjoying it for about 3 weeks now.

But the issue still stands that they are indeed in very short supply. Says a lot about how popular the product is, but it is hard to be told by many dealers that not only they are totally out, but that they have no idea when they would get more in stock as Salsa is telling them that they are done for the season. I almost gave up my search. ;-)

No avatar image

Jason | February 6th, 2013


sorry, this is probably covered elsewhere, but I’m too Luddite to find it.

2012 Mukluk (love it) with a Bud on the front (great) and Nate 3.8 on the rear (good, but washes out sideways given my skill level, and I’d like some more float and bounce).  Rolling Daryl rims.  So will a Lou or Bud fit on the rear (yeah, I know there would be some outboard BB and ring fixes required - but I ain’t got the steam to push through a rubbing tire drag).




PK | February 7th, 2013

Jason - Lou on an 82mm or 100mm rim does not work in the ‘12 Muk. This tire is a more recent invention and blows past all the typical size measurements set by the BFL/100 combo. The Muk’s were never designed for this tire size.  If you want to maintain driving traction and bite with a little more float, I would recommend a 100mm rim and a Nate. (This is what I run on my Muk) If volume and bounce is your priority - consider a BFL on either a 82 or 100mm rim.  Both of those combos fit.  Also please note that all of the above require some type of drivetrain negotiation depending on how much you want to manage chain-2-tire rub in the granny-gear.

No avatar image

Tim | February 22nd, 2013

@PK - I read that the 2013 Mukluk 2 frame will accommodate the Surly Rabbit Holes with Knard tires…great news! Just want to confirm that is true for all sizes?? I have a small (green/white complete build bought at your awesome retailer in Glenwood Springs, CO, The Gear Exchange) and we are ripping it @ Sunlight Mtn - see

Is there any rider feedback on running the rabbit holes/knard combo on Muk 2? Thanks!!

No avatar image

Antonio S | May 7th, 2013

What differences exist between mukluk ti 2012 and mukluk ti 2013?
It is the same?

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | May 8th, 2013

Antonio S - There are no differences between the 2012 and 2013 Mukluk Ti frames.

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kim letke | November 12th, 2013

I want to buy my husband a t-shirt that says “do you think this Mukluk makes my ass look big? Any idea where I could find one? or any mukluk t-shirts?

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | December 5th, 2013

Sorry Kim, we had a Mukluk shirt a couple years back but don’t have that in stock any longer. -Kid

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