New Product Wednesday!

We've got a couple new products to introduce today.

Introducing The Anything Bag

Constructed of RF-welded waterproof 500-D material the Anything Bag was designed to fit perfectly into the Anything Cage and Anything Cage HD. The roll top closure is easy to get into with gloves on, and opens wide for easy access to up to 4.5L of gear that you don’t want buried in your frame bag.

We also added nylon webbing daisy chains to hold the retention straps in place while you are traveling, or to clip light things to, like a bear bell.

Anything Bag shown in Anything Cage (sold separately)...

It’s the perfect size for a puffy jacket or summer bag, and its flat bottom helps keep it steady on the ground when it’s off the bike.

The Anything Bag has an MSRP of $32, and is in stock now! Your local shop can order it from QBP using the part number BG8880.

Introducing The Rattler Belt Buckle!

Take your time, and gaze upon the 3” x 4” metal canvas. Sun, endless horizon, a stoic, firmly planted cactus, and of course, a rattlesnake so handsome that a real one would give you a thumbs up if it had hands.

It’s made following the tradition of modern "western-style" buckles, with a hinged frame and an easy to operate hook for what we hope is a worthy belt. Make sure and spend a couple extra bucks on the leather so you’re doing The Rattler justice.

Once you put it on, you’ll realize just how much more “grand” everything you do seems.

In stock and ready to hold up your pants now…once you add a belt.

The Rattler Belt Buckle has an MSRP of $40, and your shop can order it from QBP using the part number CL2130.

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Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer

I enjoy anything with wheels, human powered or not. If I'm not in the BWCA with my wife and dog, you can find me working on my old house with varying degrees of success, or tinkering with my project car in the garage, beer in hand. Feel free to stop by! Random fact: Efred trained me in at my first bike shop job in 1998.


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Rick F | February 7th, 2015

Looks good!

Just confirming that this bag is waterproof and no extra waterproof stuff sacks are needed to keep your gear dry?

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Dale | February 9th, 2015

Great idea: a tough little waterproof bag to use with the Anything Cage. I use a similar bag strapped on a top of a rack for day trip odds and ends. The daisy chain down the side is a key element, so the bag doesn’t squirt out of the straps and end up in your spokes.

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Rick F | February 16th, 2015

Hi Salsa,
Any response to my question above?

Kid Riemer

Kid Riemer | February 16th, 2015

Rick F - Sorry about the slow response. Yes, the bag is waterproof so no additional stuff sack necessary.

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Joel N | February 23rd, 2015

what is the inside diameter of the anything bag?  Just wondering if my camp stove will fit inside the bag.

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