New Vaya Bike & Frames

One year ago we introduced the Vaya, our road adventure bike. Since then we've seen this bike set up for full on road touring, road riding, gravel road racing and super commuting. The Vaya is one of our most versatile and most popular models. This year we add a new frame feature, a new component group and a couple of new colors. Here are the details.

First up is our new complete bike. This year's bike features SRAM's awesome new Apex group. The Apex group is the perfect kit with it's wide ratio cassette, it's Double Tap shifting and it's 1:1 cable actuation.  The combo of our Salsa frame coupled with the Apex kit really make for a capable, durable and versatile road adventure bike.

Here are the details of the complete bike.

- $1499 MSRP

- Availability - We are shipping starting this week to our stocking Salsa Dealers that pre ordered Vaya's. At this time, it looks like we will not have additional inventory to sell to non stocking dealers.

Next up are the framesets. Yes we said framesets because we are doing 2 colors. Why 2 colors? Well...We only have one bike spec and the Vaya is so versatile. Many of our customers want to build complete bikes to their specification. The second color was added too as color is a personal preference.  Here are the colors and frameset details.


- $599 MSRP

- Availability - We are shipping framesets starting next week to our Salsa stocking dealers. We do have quite a few framesets available. At this time, we are holding this inventory so if the shop you wish to purchase the frameset from is not a stocking Salsa dealer, the shop will have to contact us. Please note though, that if the shop is in a territory already serviced by a stocking dealer, we may not be able to fulfill that request.

For those of you that demand the best, or want to upgrade from your current Vaya, we also offer the Vaya Ti frameset. The picture above shows a complete bike, but the Vaya Ti is actually sold as a frameset only that includes a pewter Lip-Lock seat clamp and the lovely Vaya steel fork.

- $1999 MSRP

- Availability - The Vaya Ti frames look to be completed sometime in April.   Due to the nature, cost and complexities of titanium product, at this time the Vaya Ti's will all be shipping through Salsa stocking dealers.

We've talked about the spec and the colors, now let's talk about the only specification change on the entire bike. Since the Vaya uses the same drop outs as on our Fargo, we included the new 2011 Fargo driveside drop out with a replacable derailleur hanger. Even though the drop outs are steel giving you the ability to re align if necessary, we added the replaceable dropout to give you just a little bit more peice of mind when you are out there somewhere.

Lastly, here is a shot of my personal Vaya with a few changes and upgrades. I personally will be using the Vaya as my Dirty Kanza 200 race bike. I took this shot while leaving work the other day after my maiden voyage. I'm really looking forward to mile after mile of enjoyment with this new Vaya.

UPDATED 2-28-11

Many of you had questions about tire clearance and fender mounting. While I have not installed fenders, I will share some pictures with you. One note regarding "fit" and "compatible". Many people have different definitions of those things. Some folks are OK with a few mm's of clearance. Others demand 10mm.  In other cases tires are measured differently and are impacted by rim width. So, here are few shots from my weekend ride to share with you. But first here is my set up. 

- I am running the bike with a set of old Schwalbe Marathon Cross 700x38 mounted to Stans ZTR 355's (with tubes), A really good & durable tire, albeit a bit on the heavy side for my liking.

- I have also run Bontrager XR1 29x1.9 tires on my Vaya with great success

In both pictures above, it shows a 6mm allen wrench fitting nicely between the tire and the fork & chainstays. Even if the camera angle does not show it, there is room on both sides of the 6mm at the narrowest clearance. I did not take additional pictures at the top of the tire because there is significantly more clearance at the fork crown and between the rear tire and the seat stay or chainstay bridge.

All that said, if you can find fenders that fit properly, I'd be very comfortable running these Schwalbe 38c tires with fenders.

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Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Growing up as a Minnesota farm boy, I developed an appreciation and love for land and open space. This appreciation has fostered two passions, cycling and photography. Both of these passions provide freedom, encourage me to explore and foster creativity. More importantly though, my journey with a bike and a camera reminds me that the world is big and I am small.


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Allen Beauchamp | February 24th, 2011

Beautiful! Soon, as if my bike selection wasn’t Salsa-centric enough…no this ;)

Great job!

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captain bob | February 24th, 2011


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MG | February 24th, 2011

Looks great Jason… Nice work.  As much as I’ve been a fan of non-replaceable dropouts, I understand the why for the change.  My Vaya is absolutely one of my favorite bikes ever… I rode it into work today, in fact.  What an awesome, versatile, smooth-riding and great handling bicycle.  You guys nailed it… Nobody else has an adventure bike line with the breadth and depth that you guys do.  That’s because you’re living it.  You’re listening to riders, but you know what you want and you know what’s good, because all of you ride as much as any of us do and you have good people on your staff.  It’s a pretty unbeatable combination…

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Erik | February 24th, 2011

Gnat,  How’d you take a maiden voyage without pedals?

Lovin the orange.

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Spencer Morse | February 24th, 2011

That last pic is tripping me out. Is the reflection really orange? Cool shot.

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cmherron | February 24th, 2011

Looks great!  I have last years Vaya, apparently I got the very last large complete and I couldn’t be happier!  I use it as my everyday commuter, my roadbike, my mixed road/singletrack rides, and anything else I can throw at it!  Great job all around.  The only thing, in my opinion, that I would add is the Mariachi dropouts.  I love single speeds and to have that option readily available would be sweet!  Cheers!

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DennisJohn57 | February 24th, 2011

So what about the titanium frame option I’ve heard rumors about?


Gnat | February 24th, 2011

DennisJohn57 - Good point on the ti. I added the info to this post.

Erik - Good one. Do you think I have only one bike at work? It’s OK to ride a different bike home than you rode in isn’t it?  ;)

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Tom Moore | February 24th, 2011

I too have a year old Vaya, now with SRAM, that I love. The only thing I would add is S&S couplers. The Ti frame sounds interesting. What do you do if there is no dealer in your area? (none in MD that I see)


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Keith | February 24th, 2011


One question—According to specs, the max (700C) tire width is 42mm. Is this with fenders? If not, what is the max reasonable tire width w/ fenders?

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DC | February 24th, 2011

That is just dang near perfect! Complete, with a pretty nice spec, and optional colors for builders, too?  Crazy insane, I tell ya! My poor Casseroll… how will I break the news?  Yeah, that’s the ONLY problem I have with this one.  Like it needs to be said, but I’ll say it anyway, fine job - again!

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Ron | February 24th, 2011

I am very excited about this bike! How long to get my hands on a complete if I am going thru a non-stocking bike shop. The shop has a qbp account but they unfortunately do not stock the salsa brand.

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S.Fuller | February 24th, 2011

Nice update to what was already a stellar bike. Love the orange, it was sorely missing from your lineup. :)

MG - I have to ask, why DO you like non replaceable dropouts? The fact that they have switched to a replaceable one on the 2011 Fargo is one reason I’ve decided to upgrade my frame. I could understand it on a machine that mainly sees roads, but otherwise…

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JimC | February 24th, 2011

Now THERE’s one to lust after.
Great job, Salsa!!!

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Rod | February 25th, 2011

Another great bike and refresh.  I love seeing your personal builds along with the stock offerings.  Would you mind sharing the build details build?  I think there might a lot of us out here who like marveling over build choices like wheels, seatposts and so on to help us figure things out for our own bikes.


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K Mac | February 26th, 2011

How big a tire can you have with finders.


Gnat | February 26th, 2011

Hey folks, thanks for all the great comments and questions. For those of you wondering about fender & tire clearance, I will take some pics of my bike this weekend and give you visuals for the tire clearance. I will update the post on Monday.

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northbywest | February 27th, 2011

thanks for the article on the vaya!  i am working with my local shop to decide between the vaya and the fargo.  both would serve my needs really well.  i wonder about weight.  is the vaya significantly lighter than the fargo when it comes to your complete bikes?  many thanks!


Gnat | February 28th, 2011

For folks wondering about tire clearance and fender clearance, I have updated the post with pictures from this weekend’s ride.

@northbywest - The bike frames themselves are not that different in weight. The Vaya does have a lighter tubeset, but the Fargo has a more sloping design and smaller triangles making the weight not that much different. The difference is in the intended use of the products. The Vaya is a road (pavement and gravel) adventure bike and the Fargo is our mountain (single track, off trail and gravel) adventure bike.

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jp | February 28th, 2011

No sneak peak Monday today? :(

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Keith | March 1st, 2011

Thanks, Gnat!

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Huntwood | March 1st, 2011

Maybe I don’t understand the info above completely, but it sounds like my local shop should be able to order in a frame for me, even if they’re not a stocking dealer.  Well, two local shops have been trying to help me find a Vaya frame for a few months now, and one called me today to say they had finally gotten a response from Salsa.  The shop says Salsa can’t get them a frameset until June or July, and that’s not even definite.  How’s a guy with no local stocking dealer supposed to get a Vaya in the near future?

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GS | March 2nd, 2011

I’d like to second (or third) the question about those of us in areas with no stocking dealers.  I’ve done my research, & decided on a vaya.  I like supporting my local shop.  Calling the shops in my state who are listed on Salsa’s site, I found they are not stocking dealers (neither is my LBS).  So, I can’t get a built one, and like the previous post, I found there might be a chance of obtaining a frame at some point in the future, but don’t hold your breath.  This is an interesting marketing strategy.  Perhaps the object is to attach a “status” factor to being one of the lucky few to actually be able to obtain one?  It’s a very nice bike!  But, still, just a bike…it shouldn’t be like having to engage in human trafficking, should it?

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Bry | March 2nd, 2011

I don’t have a stocking dealer so I ordered with Cambria this morning.  They said I could get the bike by the end of next week. . I believe speedgoat and bikeman are in the same boat as far as delivery times go.

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Bry | March 2nd, 2011

Quick question.  The stock pics show conti cx tires but the build specs say tourride.  Which one is it?

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MG | March 4th, 2011

Steve… The reason I like the non-replaceable dropout is because, simplistically stated, it can be bent back.  A replaceable dropout is weaker and easier to bend than a non-replaceable dropout, and from my experience, even Salsa’s well-designed replaceable dropout is just that.  I carry a spare with me on every ride.

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MG | March 4th, 2011

... when I’m riding one of my Salsa frames with a replaceable dropout hanger.

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K Mac | March 5th, 2011

Gnat, I’m looking at the sizing chart for the Vaya. At 5’11” and a 32.5 inseam I fall at end of a 560 and middle of a 570mm. Looks like the 570 would be my best bet. Thought I would run that by someone who had been around the vaya. K

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MG | March 6th, 2011

K Mac… I would recommend a 570 for you, sight unseen. That said, I would always recommend you snag a test ride on one before you lay down your money to be sure you’re on the right size.

I’m 6’1” tall and am on a 580, for reference.

Good luck,

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Luke S | March 8th, 2011

I just picked up my ?Dukes of Hazzard? orange Vaya yesterday and rode it work through 20 miles of snow, slush, sand, potholes, and everything else Minnesota roads have to offer in March.  The bike is absolutely perfect but I do have a question?do you have any suggestions on how to mount front fenders using the lower braze on without the front caliper getting in the way?  I know not all fenders are the same but they are similar and the LBS I got the bike from as well as myself had a tough time mounting the front left fender support.  We eventually bent the support arm and mounted it to the mid fork braze on and it worked pretty well, in fact it almost looks like it is supposed to be there.  But in a few weeks when I get my low-riders and minimalist rack I am not sure how many items I can bolt to that one point?  Thanks for making sweet bikes.

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Adalberto | March 15th, 2011

Couldn’t find anything anywhere… what is the status of the Frames? I ordered mine from CBO…

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Rick Murray | March 16th, 2011

Same question, I am desperately looking for a Vaya frame.  Ordered through CBO and was told a day later that it was a slight backorder delay.  8 days later I called and was told it might not be available until June/July.  (hoping to tour Europe on it in early May!!)  Is this true?  Any info on availability??

Bobby | March 16th, 2011

Demand is indeed high for the product and thus it naturally is abit harder to find.  That said, depending on your color preference, most Vaya frame sizes are in stock and can be sent out to a stocking dealer if you order it from them. 

Adalberto and Rick, What size and color were you looking for? Feel free to contact me directly instead of via the blog.  My phone here in Salsa land is 952-229-5043 ext 1238 or email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Tim | March 18th, 2011

I’ve got mine coming from Universal Cycles being shiped today. Can’t wait!!! Nothing better than setting up a new bike. The people at Universal were great. First time I’ve delt with them.

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Andrew Kent | March 19th, 2011

i will not be decieved about tire sizes and fender spacing again!  i won’t ever buy a bike unless i know the fenders and tires will work!  no more bad experiences…fenders and tire size should be THE MOST IMPORTANT THING that you tell about your frames!  please tell us the truth with photo evidence.  i see tire sizes, but NO FENDERS!?!?

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Tim | March 31st, 2011

Been riding my new Vaya for a few days now. Love the frame! Handles great and absorbs the rough stuff well. Got the bike as a complete with the Apex group. Love the gearing but hate the brakes. I’m not a disc guy but this is the frame I wanted. This is why I’ve loved steel frames all these years. I’ll tweek with the brakes. If your in between frame sizes I would say go on the smaller size. I’m 5’8” and got the 55. feels great. By the way, get an extra drop out hanger right away.

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John | March 31st, 2011

About to pull the trigger on one of these, but a question probably basic to some of you: how thin of a tire can I safely/comfortably run on the stock DT Swiss X470 32H wheels?  I’m a daily road commuter but love the build of this bike rather than something like the Casseroll.  Thanks.

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Tim | April 6th, 2011

Has anyone upgraded the brakes?

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gil | April 20th, 2011

What’s up with the vaya frame availability, granted you guys make products but you cant just make a small batch of frame early and then make another small batch of frames late summer.  This is the type of stuff that hurts companies and such…...


Gnat | April 20th, 2011

About Availability - We of course don’t plan to run out of inventory. We have had tremendous growth and demand this year and the Vaya is at the top of that demand list. 

@ Gil - Regarding frameset and frame sales. We do have some frames available for stocking Salsa dealers. Again, due to demand these frames are being held for the stocking dealers that have committed to us.

No avatar image

Gil | April 20th, 2011

It’s a shame, there are no stocking dealers around me and the closes salsa dealer within 500 mile can care less and of course online retailers who had frames sold out before i could track them down. 
That’s not your issue but i was really excited and looking forward to having a frame.  I guess my 58 charcoal frame is probably in production somewhere, i just have to be patient.  Thanks

Bobby | April 20th, 2011

give me a call here at Salsa and I can certainly help you locate a dealer that may have one for you.  1-877-668-6223. Just ask for Bobby.

Bobby | April 20th, 2011

Update for you Gil,
I just got off the phone with Tomichi Cycles in Gunnison Co.  They actually have a 58cm Charcoal Vaya frame in stock.  Give them a call at 970-641-9069.  Ask for Bill and tell them that Bobby sent you. He’ll be expecting your call.

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Gil | April 20th, 2011

Bobby, Gnat, Mike and company….thanks for all your help.  By far, the best customer service.  You guys came through big time and i appreciate that very much.  I wish i can take back that first blog but it’s been frustrating to find that frame and without your help, I would have still been sad and frameless.  Thanks??.

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Shawn | July 20th, 2011

In the pics, is that drop bar the one spec’d with the bike? Is it the same as the one on the Fargo?

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