New Warroad: Adventure At Your Doorstep

Hi, friends. We hope you’re staying healthy and safe in this challenging time.

The Warroad updates that we’ve worked on for the past year are finally here—but we never could have imagined the state of the world when it came time to share them with you. This doesn’t feel like the time for a big launch campaign, and to tell you the truth, we considered not launching these bikes at all until this crisis is behind us. But our retail partners have these in stock today and you might be looking for a way to responsibly spend time outdoors. So we’ll just leave it at this: new Warroad color and build kit options are available now. If you’re interested, your local Salsa retailer (a small business that would love to hear from you in any capacity) can ship these right to your home as part of our Adventure At Your Doorstep program.

As always, we appreciate your support. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

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Harrison Maddox

Harrison Maddox

I’m a jack-of-all, master-of-none sort when it comes to the outdoors. Riding, climbing, paddling, skiing or hiking—everything has its own appeal. All that matters are the effort and the solitude. I’m not competitive but I enjoy a good challenge, and I’ll say “yes” to anything that puts me in over my head or involves type 2 fun, as that’s where life’s spicier moments seem to live.


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