Nuts & Bolts Of Bikepacking The Camino De Santiago

Bikepacking the Camino De Santiago was an incredible experience. Here are some of the details of our trip.

How Far Is It?

The Camino De Santiago route we took was close to 900 kilometers, but there are people who do way more and those who do way less. To receive your official “Compostela” certificate, you are required to bike at least 200k (or walk at least 100). Most people walk, but more and more people are biking the route, and some do it by horseback. We even saw wheelchairs and stroller walkers. Amazing.

When To Go?

We intentionally chose to ride the Camino very early in the walking season, mid-April to early May, to avoid the crowds seen later in summer. This also made finding lodging (hostels) easier each night as wild camping is officially not allowed, and beds are given priority to walkers. 

Where To Stay?

There are pilgrim hostels along the way called albergues, and if you have a valid pilgrim’s passport, you can stay at these. There are public ones, which are usually large, from four bunks in a room up to 80 (yes, bring earplugs), and very simple; you basically get a bed, a shared bathroom, a place to wash and hang your clothes, and sometimes some other things (a common area, a kitchen, internet room, etc). These ran about 5-10 euros a night. The private rooms along the way are easy to find and generally cost up to 30 euros a night for a double room.

If you want to splurge you can enjoy the charm of a room at a government-owned hotel known as parador, many of which occupy striking historic palaces, castles, convents and monasteries.

What Was The Riding Like?

You name it, we biked it: snowy mountains, rocky or sandy paths, slate, concrete, dirt, and mud. Straight up, straight down, and nothing but flat. Through the woods, vineyards, miles of nothingness, along rivers, over bridges, through large cities, and through towns of five people.


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