One Fall Ride: Bobby

Our One Fall Ride series continues with Bobby heading up north...yah, you betcha. -Kid

There seems to be a general impression that fatbikes are just for snow. Well that is just simply silly.

I like to think fatbikes are the pedal version of an ATV. Snow, dirt, mud, and of course…a way to get into your favorite hunting spot! I spent the second week of November in northern Minnesota on my annual hunt for whitetail deer. There are miles and miles of old logging skidder trails which are mostly impassible by vehicles other than an ATV. I passed up the trusty Polaris this year and instead chose the trusty Mukluk.

A hunting we will go...

It was a rough year for our party. Out of ten guys only two got deer and unfortunately I was not one of them. So although the faithful steed performed flawlessly getting my pumpkin-clad self out to the stand, I didn’t get to test its prowess at dragging out that monster buck.

Even though I didn’t come home with a deer, I do come home every year with a host of new memories, refreshed and recharged for the Holiday season ahead. Although I didn’t take a lot of pictures this year, I did want to include one of my favorite shots for your viewing pleasure. Like most folks I really enjoy a good sunset and on this trip there were many. This one was my favorite. I loved the contrast of the purple and orange in the sky.

Not a bad place to be...not a bad place to be at all...

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Dann C | November 17th, 2011

That really is a beautiful shot.  Wish you woulda got a deer so I could hear how you got that sucker back!

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