One Fall Ride: Thomas

Today we begin a series called One Fall Ride, in which members of the Salsa Crew will share one image, and a short piece of text, from a recent ride. Thomas is first to bat. -Kid

Monday was looking like it was going to be beautiful, so I decided to "take the scenic route home", as my Dad says. We here in the Twin Cities metro area are blessed with the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, one of only four National Wildlife Refuges in an urban area and the largest in size. On top of that, this is all only about a 10-minute bike ride from Salsa World Headquarters. So I left work on my El Mariachi built up with a fat front end, and headed for the river bottoms. As the Minnesota River bottoms are where I learned to mountain bike, this is always a fun spot for me. The trails are constantly changing and evolving as the river floods pretty much every year, with this year being one of the worst (or best, depending on your viewpoint) in a long time. There was a LOT of sand and having a fat front tire was very helpful. After making my way to Old Cedar Avenue, this picture was taken on the closed side of the now defunct and cordoned off bridge. I used to bomb down the hill on the other side of the bridge as a kid, hang out on the bridge, and explore the trails around the area. Even as an adult this is still just as fun. I really like how nature, slowly but surely, is reclaiming the road. It reminds of Cormac McCarthy’s book, and now movie, The Road. Standing there all alone having not seen another human in over an hour it was a little eerie, but beautiful all at the same time. All in all, it was great ride home!

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Thomas Scherber

Thomas Scherber

I’m the buyer for Salsa and when I’m not staring at spreadsheets, I like to ride bikes, any kind, anywhere. I like to take the road or trail that I have never been down and see where it goes. The band would like to thank: Katy, Bram, Lake Superior, Duluth, craft beer, Low, potatoes, Minnesota, cheap Mexican beer, The Marshall Islands, Gin, Jack Kerouac, The Big Lebowski, Semsational, avocadoes, Copper Harbor, Ernest Hemingway, the outdoors, and The Netherlands.


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