Oregon Outback Gear Setup - Glenn Charles

Here’s a quick look at the setup I used with my Fargo Ti when riding the Oregon Outback route earlier this year.

Gear Carrying Bags:
- Porcelain Rocket Cuben Fiber Frame Bag
- Porcelain Rocket Cuben Fiber Handlebar Bag & Pocket
- Porcelain Rocket Booster Rocket
- Revelate Designs Feedbags (x2)
- Revelate Designs Gas Tank
- Sea To Summit Sil Pack (for gear/food overflow…carried in frame bag)

Water Carry:
- Fork-mounted 25oz bottles (x2)
- Downtube-mounted 25oz bottle
- 18oz bottle in Feedbag
- Platypus 1 L collapsible bottle

- Mountain Hardwear 40-degree bag (five-years-old...so more like a 50-degree bag…carried in seat bag)
- Mountain Laurel Designs cuben fiber bivy (carried in seat bag…I also shared Josh Spice’s shelter one night)
- Thermarest Neo Air (carried in handlebar bag)
- Patagonia Nano Puff jacket (carried in seat bag)
- Patagonia Capilene 4 base layer (carried in handlebar bag)
- Cycling socks (1x pair)
- Reed Chillcheater Beanie

Worn Layers:
- Ibex wool base layer
- Cycling jersey
- Cycling shorts
- Endura overshorts (also served as camp shorts)
- Arm warmers
- Salsa cycling vest
- Buff
- Helmet
- Wool socks
- Sidi shoes

Cook Kit:
- Snow Peak UL Ti canister stove (carried in cup)
- Snow Peak small canister fuel  (carried in pot)
- Snow Peak Ti pot set (carried in seat bag)
- Snow Peak Ti cup (carried in handlebar bag)
- Snow Peak Ti spork

Rain Gear:
- Mammut rain jacket (carried in handlebar bag)
- Gore Wear knickers (carried in handlebar bag)

Tools (carried in frame bag):
- Multi-tool knife
- Multi-tool bike tool
- Pump
- Tape on pump
- Zipties
- 3mm cord
- Thermarest patch kit
- Two-part water treatment chemicals
- Tire levers
- Core remover

Misc (carried in Porcelain Rocket accessory bag attached to handlebar bag):
- USB A/C adapter
- USB flat Micro/Mini cable
- Phone for grabbing images
- Lip balm
- Sunscreen
- Toothbrush

Camera Gear (carried in Porcelain Rocket accessory bag attached to handlebar bag):
- Leica MM
- Spare batteries (x3)
- 3-stop & 6-stop neutral density filters
- Microfiber wipe
- Cable release
- Spare SD cards (x2)

It was a mistake to not have a bottle of lube…that was an oversight.  I am still on the fence about a spare tube for that particular trip. I opted not to carry one. I should have carried spare cores, almost shot one into the desert! Everything else worked spot on for me. I needed nothing else and (other than some of the tools) used everything that I carried.

Not counting my camera gear/food/water, the entire kit came in at 10.5 pounds, including the frame, handlebar and seat bags.

Food was distributed in frame bag, Gas Tank, Feedbag and handlebar bag.

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Glenn Charles

Glenn Charles

Glenn Charles spent his first 40 years living what he thought was the American Dream; he now says he’s living life. Traveling by bike and kayak, he finds new ways to explore the world, meet new people and grow as a person. As he travels 50,000+ miles by human power, he hopes to inspire others to reconnect with nature and lead simpler, happier lives. thetravelingvagabond.com


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Joe | August 28th, 2014

Cool entry. I am a gear junkie and am eyeballing a Fargo to cram as much stuff onto as I can.

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