Racing The Sun - A Short Film

I am pleased to present a new short film from Salsa Cycles: Racing The Sun.We hope you enjoy it.


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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

I love being outside. I prefer to ride on dirt. Or snow. If I was born a hundred years earlier I might have been a polar explorer. There's a great natural world out there to see, smell, taste, listen to, and experience. Life slows down out there and the distractions we've created will disappear if you let them. Give me a backpack and let me go.


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Matt | April 14th, 2014

Cool piece.  Thanks so much for putting this together.  I’m taking my Fargo out to DK200 this year for my first longer gravel race; watching this film is informative and inspirational.

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Mark S | April 14th, 2014

Tim Ek, Superhero.

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Ken | April 14th, 2014

Awesome video. Great to get to know Tim a little more. His wife’s empathetic and caring demeanor really shines through. They seem to be really special people.

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Aurora | April 14th, 2014

As someone who also works in schools and knows how important it is to find other passions - this video was great and totally spoke to me!  Nice work out there!

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Tina M | April 14th, 2014

Tim!! You’re amazing! That was great to watch. Very inspiring!!

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Lee | April 14th, 2014

Way to make Duluth proud, Tim.  Great vid.

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Caleb Wilson | April 15th, 2014

good stuff. keep pumping out the short films!

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tiffani beasley | April 15th, 2014

this is an amazing biker loves to bike and puts nitty gritty

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Jturn | April 15th, 2014

An amazing story that struck a chord in my personal life.
Thank you

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Tim Ek | April 17th, 2014

Thank you for all the kind words.

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Pat Irwin | April 18th, 2014

Tim’s the kind of sponsored rider I like to see; way more to him than just results. I really enjoyed this video! Thanks Salsa!

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joan sargent | April 28th, 2014

Great story! Impressive dedication and committment to yourself and to your students.

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Bill | June 5th, 2014

Wow great film. Inspiring

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Richard | June 22nd, 2014

Thanks, this inspired me to finish before sunset at DK this year!

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danny jenkins | July 5th, 2014

many thx! for the inspiration. keep putting that stuff out there and great things always come back to make your path beautiful.

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Kate Schabot | July 12th, 2014

Great story. It’s up to us all to write our own and I love to see these inspirational pieces. Another reason I am saving my pennies for a Salsa bike to begin my own adventures. Thank you for sharing.

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sam t. | July 12th, 2014

I think anybody would enjoy this film. Thanks Tim for pointing out that a journey can taken many different ways. I love my salsa bikes, Salsa should be very proud of this film.

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Alex W. | July 17th, 2014

Very thoughtful piece.  Thank you!

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bubbles beasley | September 26th, 2014

Tim Ek is someone who is funny kind loves riding bikes and ever’one who watches this will be amazed by this video and what he does
nitty gritty don’t forget that Tim

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