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A New Storysite From Salsa Cycles: Ring Of Fire

We’re excited to bring you our next Storysite, “Ring Of Fire”. It’s built around a recent expedition of Alaskan explorers and Salsa riders, Bjorn Olson and Kim McNett. This particular story is a real doozie, and it will tell you a lot about the kinds of people Bjorn and Kim are, and the state they call home.

The Ring Of Fire expedition of theirs was bold and ambitious, but it didn’t come from the self-serving mindsets of conquerors. Bjorn and Kim respectfully explore in tandem with their chosen environments. Their attitude is refreshing and real, and more than anything, contagious. We’re sure you’ll feel that too in “Ring Of Fire.” 

Featuring video, stories, Bjorn’s photography, and Kim’s illustrations, our “Ring Of Fire” storysite will leave you with a view of wild Alaska that only these two could share.

Bjorn and Kim are two of my favorite people, and I’m honored to call them my friends. I’ve known Bjorn for a bit now. Bikes provided us with an easy connection, but a shared interest in music kept the conversation going. Born in the interior of Alaska, I was surprised right away that he’d been listening to somewhat rarer genres of music for as long as he has. I wondered, “How did he find this stuff being in the middle of nowhere?” I had a hard enough time finding it growing up in Wisconsin!

But the more we talked, the more I realized that Bjorn is driven by a wholly uncommon curiosity. If he wants to learn something, he can, and will, right down to the minutiae. When I met Kim, I saw immediately that she too possesses this insatiable hunger. The two of them couldn’t be better paired, and together, they’re going to do legendary things.   

Keep an eye on these guys. They’re going to have more incredible stories to tell. 


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Mark Sirek

Mark Sirek

I had to live on both coasts a couple of times to realize that maybe being born in the Midwest wasn’t just arbitrary. I’m drawn to the terrain here, and if you catch me with one of this region’s supreme IPAs in hand, I’ll talk your ear off about my favorite spots. I’ll always take every opportunity though to explore every nook and cranny anywhere I can on a bike, because that’s what makes me feel most alive.


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Dan Dietsch | June 21st, 2016

You cannot reach all the nook and crannies on four wheels!

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Cerita Horor | October 13th, 2016

i have many horror story you can check in my website bro !

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