Salsa Cycles Presents Dodge City

Two mountain bikers ride a beautiful dirt singletrack trail, hazy mountains in the distance.

Welcome To Dodge City

Mountain biking would be nowhere without its strong community of rider-workers. Whether they built the local mountain bike scene or sprouted up because of it, every good trail system has a dedicated group of people working (often behind the scenes) to keep it thriving. From the trail builders shaping the dirt to the lodging owners taking a chance on tourism to the bartender pouring your post-ride pint, these people are the heart of every vibrant mountain bike scene.  

A mountain biker airs off a wooden bridge to the trail below; two riders descend a dirt singletrack trail.

Looking down on two riders crossing a narrow elevated wooden bridge; to riders descend a large rock into dense woods.

Our new video series, entitled For The Love Of Dirt, celebrates these people and tells their stories. Each episode will focus on a different trail network and the people and places that give it life.

Our first episode takes place in Cumberland, BC, where local villagers are buying land back from timber companies to cultivate a biking and hiking paradise. With more than 170 trails winding through the lush mountain landscape and a town full of friendly faces, “Dodge City” is about earn a spot on your must-ride list.

Enjoy the premiere episode of For The Love Of Dirt.

As Seen In Dodge City:


A blue and red Salsa Blackthorn mountain bike leans against a tree in a lush pine forest.

The Salsa Blackthorn is an all-mountain 29er ready for any type of trail from local laps to road trips that hit every type of terrain imaginable. The Split Pivot rear suspension system delivers 140 mm of travel, paired with a 160 mm suspension fork to soak up everything from rock gardens and drops to technical, root-riddled climbs.

Details on the Salsa Blackthorn include the headtube badge, linkage and internal routing, and accessory strap mount.

A tan Salsa Blackthorn all-mountain bike leans against a tree in a lush, pine forest.

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