Salsa Cycles Presents: Scamp Life

Salsa sponsored rider Eszter Horanyi, and her partner Scott Morris, live a rich, but unusual life based out of a Scamp trailer. They’ve developed their careers to support this lifestyle, working from wherever they are, in order to seek out “the best in the west.”

We hope you enjoy this, the first in a series of mountain bike short films; Salsa Cycles presents Scamp Life

Life in a Scamp comes with its own rewards, but also involves embracing a new way of life. Here are a few lessons from Eszter Horanyi about what it takes to make it work, and what is gained in the process.

  1. Expectations lead to disappointments. With the Scamp, you can't have expectations of where you'll end up that night, or what produce a small-town grocery store will have, or what a random trail on a map will be like. Embrace the surprises. 


  1. I originally thought that living mobile would make it hard to maintain a sense of community. To the contrary, we've gotten to spend more time with friends in beautiful places that we would have otherwise. The encounters are generally short, but intense, And we all get to walk away with unique memories of our time together. 


  1. There are endless trails to ride and discover outside of the so-called hot spots of recreation. Dragging the Scamp out to remote road ends to explore someplace new has opened up endless possibilities that I would have never seen if we'd just stayed on the beaten path. 


  1. While our living area is small, our nightly backyard is expansive, and generally the views are pretty good too. 


  1. It's not #vanlife. 


  1. How do we get along in 60 square feet of living space? We make use of our endless backyard that changes daily or weekly. And if it's raining? A pair of headphones go a long way. 


  1. We used to both have multiple bikes. But there's a simplicity to only having room for one each, there's never a question of which would be best for a ride, and it definitely cuts down on both decision fatigue, and the time spent maintaining a fleet of bicycles. 


  1. There's no predictability to where the Scamp will be. We set dates for adventuring with friends throughout the wide west and make up adventures as we work our way towards them. 


  1. Where are we going to be next week? I'm not even sure what we're having for dinner. 


  1. To live in a Scamp, you've got to be pretty comfortable with the unknown.

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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

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