Salsa Two-Four: A Few Photos

I didn't get to shoot too many photos at the Salsa Two-Four as I was too busy being MC and torturing folks with stories of the old days in Minnesota mountain bike racing, bad jokes, and other verbal nonsense that made its way past my lips. But I did take some and there are a few in the bunch that I actually like.

Last Friday it was all starting to go down. Festivities began with the Jolly Roger nightime DH race.

Men's race winner Thor Shellum who also happens to design products for sister-brand Surly...

Now say 'Fire' in a Beavis & Butthead type fasion...

Just about ready...

...and wham! Full-blow fire dancing action while the band Right From Rona kicked off the live music!

Eventually you have to actually start the 24-hour race though. Even the LeMans style start at the Salsa Two-Four is tough. Uphill, around a lift post, and back downhill to your bike.

Some folks are fast...

...but others are flashier!

...look real close...those underoos do say 'Flash' on them...

...others just ape around...sorry, that was bad...

Real racing got going though. And with it, some real suffering. One of our Salsa sponsored riders, Tim Ek, was entered in 8-hour Solo class. Tim had a rough day in the saddle. He was sitting in 3rd at this point, but was starting to cramp, and he put it, 'was in a real negative place'. I like this photo a lot. Look close, and you can see there's a battle going on inside his head.

But Eki got back on his horse and headed out still in the hunt...

...only to flat 20 minutes into the next lap...and then slashed his tire a few minutes after repairing it. One of those days for our boy Eki. Sorry Tim.

We did have a free Kid's race...

That's 9-year-old Powerful Paul being chased by 'almost 4-years-old' Owen...

More free live music on Saturday night from Right From Rona, 4 On The Floor, High Hopes, and Eric Swan. This is High Hopes.

Daytime, nightime, all the time is the right time to wear a bicycle helmet...

I happened to be standing 20 feet from him when he crashed on the downhill into the finish area. Gnarly. He checked out fine with the medics though. Helmet...your work is done here!

These last photos are of our other Salsa sponsored rider at the event, Danielle Musto, and her husband Scott. Scott was Danielle's pit crew at the event and I watched from the announcer stand throughout the event and was impressed by how dialed their pits were. Sometimes 15 seconds or less. Almost always under 2 minutes.

This series of photos was taken at about 3am, long after the heat of the day was done, and into the chilly hours of the night. I think they express the loneliness of 24-hour solo racing. Even with a pit crew, it is still that solo rider that has to go out and face their demons.

Danielle went on to win Solo Women's class and take 2nd Overall in Solo.

And that's it folks. Perhaps you'll join us next year for the 2011 Salsa Two-Four.

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Mike Riemer

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