See It With Steel

See It With Steel headline with photos of Salsa Fargo, Marrakesh, and Vaya bicycles and #steelinthewild hashtag.

Today we’re excited to share our updated steel lineup with you. These are bikes meant for the scenic route—rarely the most direct but always the most enjoyable.

All of our steel bikes are designed for utility, comfort, and happiness, whether you’re into bikepacking or backroad wandering. We hope that one of these machines will help you bring your dream rides to life.

Postcard with vintage look of Fargo Apex 1 bicycle in Western landscape.

Fargo is our drop-bar 29er bikepacking bike. It allows for just about any drivetrain and wheel/tire setup you can fathom, but the SRAM Apex 1 group and 29 x 2.2” Teravail Sparwood tires deliver solid performance on gravel, singletrack, or even asphalt (though we know you’re trying to avoid it). Learn more about Fargo Apex 1 here. 

Postcard of Fargo Apex 1 bicycle details, showing front Firestarter carbon fork and seat tube decals.

Fargo Apex 1 bicycle details, showing Alternator dropouts, Firestarter carbon fork and Teravail Sparwood tires.


Vintage style postcard of Marrakesh Alivio touring bicycle in Canadian Rockies setting.

Marrakesh is a true classic touring bike through and through. It combines comfortable geometry, a reliable build kit and touring-friendly features that make for easy miles. Marrakesh is built with our custom-butted steel tubing that’s durable enough for adventuring anywhere without giving up the supple ride quality that makes steel so beloved. Learn more about Marrakesh Alivio here.

Marrakesh Alivio bicycle detail images of Alternator rear dropouts and front view of bicycle with front and rear racks.

Marrakesh Alivio bicycle detail images of spoke holder on chainstay, Down Under front rack, and Teravail Rampart tire.


Vintage style postcard of Vaya GRX 600 all-road adventure bicycle with mountain backdrop.

Vaya is our any-road bike. Our custom-drawn triple-butted steel tubing puts compliance and stiffness in all the right places, and the relaxed road geometry is a treat on harsh surfaces and long rides. It’s served with gravel-worthy tire clearance so your imagination can run wild. Learn more about Vaya GRX 600 here.

Vaya GRX 600 bicycle details showing front end view and seat tube and down tube graphics.

Vaya GRX 600 bicycle images showing fork, frame graphics, and rear drivetrain and disc brake details.

What will you see on Salsa steel? Tag your adventures with #steelinthewild to share them with us.

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