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Marquette, Michigan is an adventure-loving town on the edge of Lake Superior on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It routinely snows in this region from October through May, which has led to a healthy embrace of winter cycling. With a population of only 20,000 residents and four core bike shops to service them, it’s been hypothesized that Marquette may have the highest fatbike (they’ll always be called snow bikes here) per capita density of anywhere on the planet.

Since 2010 the Noquemanon Trails Network of Marquette, Michigan has been developing winter singletrack for fatbikes. Simply called the "Snow Bike Route", the 15-mile trail features berms, rollers and fast descents. It's believed to be the first trail of its kind, but more importantly, it’s really fun.

In winter 2012 the guys at Clear & Cold Cinema, veteran outdoors photographer Aaron Peterson, RC helicopter wunderkind Dan Englund and budding photo-video talent Ryan Stephens decided to document the unique winter riding opportunities of the Marquette region.

Their first film, Cold Rolled, due in November 2013, will showcase the beauty, fun and fast pace of Marquette’s SBR. A second film, expected in early 2014 will highlight the winter adventure riding possible with fatbikes along the shore ice of Lake Superior.

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Mike Riemer

Mike Riemer

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